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Behind-the-scenes training to grow your business and generating income. Strategies and mindsets that work.

Start an Online Business

  1. Top 10 Mindsets to Building a Profitable Online Business
  2. What is Bootstrapping and Why Bootstrap When You First Start a Business
  3. Starting Small in Business – Then Going Big
  4. 80/20 Rule in Business – Most Things Don’t Work
  5. How To Be Rich in Business (Help a lot of people – related to Value)
  6. Key Components to Create a Successful Business
  7. Business Success Comes from Action
  8. Finding a Profitable Niche Online (They are needs, motivators, different than what we think)
  9. Increase Motivation for a Prospect or Customer to Buy (Pain, Urgency, irrational passion)
  10. Selling Business Products is Useless (You are selling a benefit, result, solution, relief)
  11. How to Sell Your Product for More Money (Increase Perceived Value, package, relate, juxtapose)
  12. #1 Way to Name Your Product (benefit, solution, impossible to forget, simple, etc)
  13. The Right Way to Grow Your Marketing Process (Stair Step)
  14. The Best Way to Increase Sales & Save You Time (Communicate Clearly, plain lang, power words, phrases, )
  15. How to Get More Done in Your Business & Increase Your Productivity (stop multitasking, elimate distraction, block time, high value tasks)
  16. 3 Key Focuses to Grow Your Business (Growth tasks- marketing, products, people/customers)
  17. How to Get to the Next Level in Your Business (Get to version 3 fast as possible, expect it there will be a version 3, speed of implementation – do it – shoot for great not perfect)
  18. Creating Valuable Business Connections to Grow Your Business (customers, partners, team members, investors, role models)
  19. How to Eliminate Administrative Tasks in Your Business
  20. – Outsource to save you time to focus on Key growth tasks — can automate – can eliminate (live chat / get rid of it)—