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In order to sign up for a coaching session you have to go through 2 steps.

Step 1 – you complete the payment for the package you like.

Step 2 – You come back to this website and register for a time slot. You can register for multiple time slots if you booked a multi-session package or wait until after we complete the first session to book your next or future session.

Step 1: Book a Session

Please take a look at the packages below. Select a package and go through the payment process.

Once the payment process is complete come back to this page and schedule a time slot by clicking the button on the right.

Step 2: Schedule a Time

When you have completed step 1 and made your payment then you are ready for step 2. Click the button below to schedule your time and date of your session.

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Why Private Mentoring or Coaching?

Coaching is one of the best and fastest ways to improve your skills and accelerate your learning curve. If you are getting started or simply have some direction questions you need answered I would be happy to assist you.

We can have a friendly conversation about your trading background, strategies, money management, technical analysis, or even stock specific analysis. Maybe you have questions about what to do next or how to get to the next stage because you are stuck or struggling at a certain point.

In that case, you may just want to have a one-on-one conversation with me that’s simple, but not as intense as some of my 3 month or 6 month coaching plans.

How does the sign up process work?

The simple version is that you go through two parts to schedule a session.
Step 1: Choose a package and pay for a session by PayPal.
Step 2: Schedule the time and date you wish to have your session. Click here to schedule your time

Step 1 in Detail:

You can choose a package below. Within the packages you can choose a single session or multiple sessions (a pack) where you get a discount for booking more sessions.

Each session lasts a minimum of 45 minutes in length. Sometimes the session can last longer such as 60 minutes or even 75 minutes, but other times they can be right around the 45 to 50 minute mark.

After doing multiple coaching and mentoring sessions I found that 45 minutes is a nice sweet spot where it was enough information to get one to think, but not too much to where it was overwhelming.

Once you decide on the package, click the button, and go through the checkout process the first step is complete. Now you are ready for step 2.

Step 2 in Detail:

After the payment is complete you need to choose the time and date of when you would like to have your session.

Go through the process of selecting a date that works for you. If you need to change it later, you can do so. I have strived to create a few various time and date slots so that if you have a full-time job or work during the weekdays we can do a weekend session or even a night session.

If you still have trouble finding a time reach out and contact me and we might be able to work something out.

During the scheduling process, you will be asked a few general questions such as topics you wish to cover, places you are struggling, and methods that you can be reached.

That’s it! Once you complete the questionnaire you are all set. Typically I strive to reach out a few minutes before by one of the methods you mentioned. Skype or a video conference would be the first priority in case we need to share a screen and then by telephone if we can not reach you by Skype.

If things change with your schedule or an emergency comes up – don’t worry we can reschedule, but please be fair and notify me ahead of time if possible.

What topics can you cover?

When it comes to stock trading and investing there are a handful of topics that we can cover. Here is a quick list to give you some insight.

Strategy topics

Basics of getting started in investing or trading
Personal strategies and systems for trading stocks
Choosing the right stocks based on your personal risk tolerance and risk levels
Managing your trading account or portfolio
Setting up a plan to invest or actively trade for retirement

Technical analysis and charting topics

Basics of technical analysis
Reading the charts properly to understand stock behavior
Learning how to read volume along with price action within the charts
Understanding of various indicators and how to use them within your analysis

Option trading topics

Basics of option trading
Specific option strategies for your risk tolerance and trading style
Variations of option strategies during certain events or market conditions
Properly choosing how many days out to put on an option
How to select the right strike prices based on your strategy and evalute the risk to reward ratios
Trading during volatile days, weeks, or months

Of course there are many more subjects and topics that we can cover than what is listed above, you should get some insight to my experience and expertise through the videos you have seen online.

Ready to get started?

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