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How to Use Your YouTube Videos to Spread Your Content to Multiple Platforms #BSI 12

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Today we’re going take a look at youtube and using your videos to spread your content and message and distribute it amongst multiple platforms.

What I want you to recognize behind creating videos or YouTube videos is the power that you have in that content medium.

When you’re speaking to your audience (through the video), you have a lot of forms of content. Not only that you have the visual aspect, but you also have the auditory element as well. And from there you can extract so many different things.

This Is What’s All About When It Comes To a YouTube Video

I want you to know if you’ve created a youtube video, that isn’t just one form of content. You have the audio as well. Now, take a look at what you can extract from these components.

  • First component – VIDEO > pictures & screenshots
  • Second component – AUDIO > text

The main thing is to be aware of the fact that you can create more content by using that one piece.

  • This is the thing to focus on: Text + Pictures = Articles for a Website

You can see how this works. The baseline is the YouTube video or the video itself. But, that’s not all. From the audio, you can create a podcast that you can start building on and growing.

That’s what I want you to start thinking about as you’re looking to develop these kinds of things.

How to properly use components of your youtube video?

You can use your video if you want to start distributing content. The power of this as you can see is enormous. It’s huge because you can extract so many different things from a video.

Distribute It Everywhere – The Right Way

If you extract the audio, you can do a podcast. This allows you to be in the iTunes or podcasting world. You can also take that to SoundCloud. Next, if you use extracted pictures and text, you can create an article and distribute that on your website.

The main thing when it comes to distribution of your content is having outstanding accounts on Social media:

  • FB
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

This is the path you want to take if you’re going to spread your message further.

Creating Your Product – The Most Effective Way

If you want to go to the next stage use your audio part and create an audiobook. Not only you can do that, but also you can create a regular print book or an ebook – if you use articles you’ve created earlier. You could expand awareness of your content quickly.

If you use your video content, you could have a course. Video courses are very popular and helpful. Lots of people need this and that way you will start to expand further and further.

You’re taking one piece of content and use distribution to spread the content you’ve already created. That’s a better way than creating a new video every single time. And that way your content is only on Youtube.

But if you use distribution, you will be present on multiple platforms and continue to expand through a systematic approach.


This is the way this process works. It takes you 20 minutes to create a video. And to spread content on multiple platforms takes around five minutes apiece. You know it doesn’t take that long to do all of these things once you have a system in place.

Sometimes you can use software and practically save your time. Also, outsourcing someone is a great idea too. That is excellent advice If you are committed to making videos.

I hope you found it helpful and insightful to look at the distribution part of your content rather than just continually trying to output new things.