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Writing Headings and Titles with SEO in Mind: SEO for Beginners Tutorial

This isn’t about writing your metadata title or your meta description. It’s about writing the title and looking for the appropriate title for your page.

For many people, they create a page and call it the about me page or the portfolio page. But that’s not necessarily the type of title you should be using on your pages. Instead, you might want to get a little more specific such as graphic design, portfolio page, or split those pages up into multiple pages. You might have a business card design portfolio or website design portfolio or a postcard design portfolio.

As you start getting more specific, it allows the search engines and also your users to better navigate your website and rank those pages higher.

If you have a blog or if you write for a blog, you’re going to continually be creating new titles for the content that you’re creating. It’s important that you know and understands how to properly title those things or at least have those things in the back of your mind, so that way you can somewhat focus on them.

For some people, they’re very meticulous about how they title things within their blog posts. Within those titles, other people are a little looser and relaxed. Keep in mind that you can be more loose and relaxed especially if you’re more popular. But if you’re looking to get ranked higher in the search engines, it’s better to be more specific. Specificity is key when it comes to proper titling.

If we take a look at this page right here, you’ll see that once we’re scrolling through it and what I’ve done is just search for a Countryman B3 – which is a microphone. You’ll notice that different titles show up within these listings or results.

Keep in mind you don’t want to keyword spam your titles because that might not be what your post is ultimately all about it. Might not be buying the Countrymen Omnidirectional Lavalier microphone. Instead, it might be something like a comparison like here in this video. You can see here’s the Countryman B3 versus this Sennheiser ME2 lav mic. There’s a lot of different types of posts that you could be doing even though you might be writing or creating a post or content about the microphone.

Here is my example, I already have a post and a video for this microphone. If you take a look right here, there’s already a post there, and it’s a test and review of the microphone which is exactly the one that I’m using right now. If you look at this, I’ve already somewhat written the headline for this, but we can tweak it. You can tweak it just slightly if you like.

What I’ve done here is I’ve written Countryman B3 Lav mic review and test.

To give me some space here, what I’m going to do is put that primary title. What you can do is one or two or multiple titles right there at the top, so that I don’t lose it so I can reference it back later. So, what did they write? They wrote B3 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone, Lavaliers.

Those are the keywords that they’re targeting on those primary listings.

As I go ahead and look at my headline, Countryman B3 Lav Microphone Review, and Test.

I’m not selling the microphone, so comparing these two differences, I might want to tweak my title, so I might do something like Countryman B3 Omnidirectional Lav Microphone or Lav Microphone might be better, and then I’ll still keep Review and Test. I could also put the Review and Test at the beginning, but since the primary focus that I want to hit is the Countryman B3, I want to put that at the beginning.

What I’ve done is added this Omnidirectional to this beginning, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I think that might be a little bit better. It’ll target an extra keyword right there. I don’t want it to be too spammy.

If I didn’t have review and test and just had Countryman B3 Omnidirectional Lav Microphone. The Google or search engines might interpret this as a buying or selling page, but in fact, if we add in the review and test this might be a little more specific to what it is.

If I changed things around and did more like this let’s say review and test of the Countryman Lavalier Microphone, this might get a little lengthy, and it’s just covering too much ground. My primary keywords are not at the beginning. Also, I also have these of the keywords right there that usually don’t get scanned or picked up, but they do take up space in the title as people are searching through Google.

That’s a little bit of a concern for me, so instead I’m focusing on my primary word keywords that I’m targeting right there at the beginning.

If I wanted to spell out lavalier, I could, but now the question is – is it too long or lengthy? That’s something you need to decide personally.

With the titles, I usually don’t adjust them too often. Once I set them, they’re generally good to go because then people come back to those things time and time again. And when they go back to those, they recognize the titles. So for me, I don’t want to make those changes all the time to where people are people are always not finding the information that they need.

In this case, you write it out, and you set it, and you forget it, but you try to do your best at the beginning.

With the SEO titles right here – with the metadata meta titles meta descriptions, those you can change periodically because those are more for search engines and exactly what shows up there at the top.

For our headline, this affects our headline for our main title right here at the top. Although it’s good to have great keywords there because it is important it’s not that important to the point where the search engines are continually going to make little tweaks and changes all the time to your rankings just because you change one word here or there. It’ll slowly affect those things, but you don’t want to be too obsessive about it to the point where you’re just wasting time consistently every day tweaking these rankings, and you know where you could be doing things that are more productive.

Do your best. Spend a few minutes, set a title, leave this alone.

As far as doing the meta title, which we’ll talk about here shortly, these things you can change more periodically. Meaning every six months, do one or two changes and then again you would probably leave it and not go back and touch it because if you’re anxious about your rankings, you might go back once adjust and that would be it from that initial point of writing it.

Here we have our title, and we’re good to go. If I want to double check the spelling, I could go ahead and double check the spelling. You can see here the lavalier microphone is spelled out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing the About Us Page, a Training Page, a Start Here Page. This is what I look at when I’m writing a good headline on the page.

Think about these things in mind as you’re building out your content and as you build out your headlines within the pages. Even as you go within these posts, you might have little sub-headlines, and that’s ultimately what you’re thinking about.

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