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Why a $10 Book Sale Does NOT Equal $10 in Profits

If you’ve written and published a book before – you’ve probably realized that a $10 book sale does not equate to $10 in profits.

That’s because it takes a lot of different components to get to that end sale like the creation stage, marketing (awareness) stage and the distribution stage.


In between those stages, you also have substages that you’re required to work through.

Each of these steps and substeps is an investment – whether in time or money. And it’s for this reason that your beginning sales will go to what you paid INTO the steps to create the book.

For example: Let’s say you want to make a dollar profit off of your book. The general rule of thumb is to multiply by 10. So you would sell your book for $10. Now just because you make a dollar doesn’t mean it’s a profit.


If we break it down, here’s what it could look like:

From a $10.00 Sale
– $1.00 goes to proofreading
– $1.00 goes to cover design
– $1.00 goes to equipment
– $1.00 goes to printing
– $1.00 goes to shipping
– $1.00 goes to marketing
– $1.00 goes to website maintenance
– $1.00 goes to 3D Book Design or another promo
– $1.00 goes to assistant or accountant

While you may not have all or some of these things in place – you can still you’ll still have expenses that you’ll have to put your money back into.

So when you’re looking to price your book – you must take these things into consideration so you can make a profit acceptable to you.

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