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How to Get More Views, Subscribers & Customers from YouTube: Sequencing #BSI 37

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Hey, this is Sasha Evdakov.

Today I’m going to share with you how to get more views, subscribers and also customers to your YouTube channel or even your business.

Basics You Need to Understand

If we take a step back into the basic process of doing anything, you usually have a sequence. Anytime that there’s a procedure, there’s a sequence to get to that result.

That’s what happens when you’re looking to get a customer. If that’s your end goal – to make a sale and then have some money.

In that case, you need a certain process or procedure that you go through to get to that stage. You don’t all of a sudden attain a customer just like that.

First, they need to see your video. Then they have to click through. Then they have to watch that video and then eventually they may build a relationship and finally purchase your product or service.

Real-life example:

Take a look at going to the grocery store. It’s not that you all of a sudden show up to a grocery store and magically there’s a bag of groceries that appears in your cart or your car. You have to pick out what is it that you want. That’s the case whether you’re ordering online and picking it up or whether you go to the store and you’re picking out the things you want.

Then you go to the checkout process. You pay for your items, you load up your car and you eventually you get home, and you have groceries.

I want you to think about this as you’re going through the stages and process of looking at your YouTube channel or business.

Step #1 – Search Results

If you’re looking to build and grow the YouTube part of your business, you have to look at what’s the first step that the customer is doing.

  • What’s the first thing that’s happening?

Well, the first step is they need to search for your item. When they search is your listing popping up?

If it’s not popping up, then you got a problem in your step one. It’s pretty simple. If you have a bunch of videos and the search results are showing your videos but is anybody watching?

Step #2 – Click-Through Problem

Maybe nobody’s watching. In that case, it could be a click-through problem. When you have mastered the search part, you need to ask yourself is it a click-through problem.

There’re some more specific questions:

  • How is your thumbnail? 
  • Are your thumbnails catchy?
  • Is your headline also appealing?
  • Is it getting the attention of the visitor?

Step #3 – Getting Their Attention

We can suppose that they are watching. Now, the question is, are you getting their attention?

When you look at this attention part, you’re building the relationship. You’re building that connection with them. 

Ask yourself, are you getting their attention to then go to the next step in the procedure.

If your video is not being viewed, then it’s probably not interesting enough. Why is it that some people watch movies for two hours?

There’s always a lot of talk about saying that your video has to be less 5-7 minutes long. The fact is that people watch two hours of movies all the time.

I can tell you some of my investing videos are 40 minutes long. People watch those many times over again because they are attractive. That is what people crave and want.

If it’s not being viewed all the way through, maybe, it’s not interesting enough. You need to work than on your video part. 

Step #4 – Call to Action

Before this step focuses on those steps swiftly:

  1. get that video listed in the search 
  2. get people to click through into the video to watch it 
  3. retain their attention 

And now we’re going to get into step 4. That final step is to get them to create some action. We need them to take action to go into our website or form.

They need to do something. Ask them to do something.

If they’re not doing anything, it’s probably not as enticing enough. It’s not as valuable, and maybe they don’t know you as much yet. Or perhaps they don’t know how to do it.

But this is how you build a YouTube sequence or a business sequence through YouTube is through this procedure.

Quick Thoughts about The Entire Process

You can do it through a process where you have to get your videos listed. You have to get your website listed in search results if you’re doing a blog.

If it’s not listed there, how can anyone even do anything? How can they buy anything from you?

Once it’s listed in the search, you have to get them to click through, if they’re not clicking through you know you have some problem. Sometimes these things can play a little bit of a trick on you.

For example, you have a lot of search results, and people are clicking through. You’re just doing so well in one that the other one gets masked. The main thing is that you have to have all of these working together.

If they’re not watching the videos and you have a lot of good listings, then you have to work on your:

  • thumbnail 
  • headline 
  • description 

That’s something you have to do if you want to get their attention to click through.

Step three is attention. If you see a drop off rate in your videos or blogs, you’re not keeping their attention. You need to work on the content piece of your video or your blog.

The last one is step number four. Get them to take action. If you can get them to sign up to your newsletter list, download a freebie – that’s great.

Give them something that they’re willing to give you their information such as:

  • an email address
  • a phone number 

The thing is if they’re not going through that process, maybe they’re not ready for it. That’s part of the outside of your control.

Maybe you’re not giving something valuable or catching enough, or perhaps it’s not even related. If you’re doing YouTube videos about hair and you’re giving away something about a health food checklist, they’re not that related.

Maybe you want to give away something that’s hair related. That’s the audience that you have. 

In either case, this is how you go about building your audience base. This is how you get the viewers and making them into a possible asset and customer.

It all takes a bit of time to go through this process for any of your customers. Some people do this all very quickly. It could be within the first search that they do. Other times people hit your video, it could be ten times later or twenty times later or twenty videos later.

It could be a second time they watch the video. And then they may give you their information. 

Pro tip: Remember, it takes a different amount of time for someone to buy a car. Some people do it in the day. Other people do it at the weekend. And other people take a couple of months to purchase a vehicle.

However, this is what you want to think about. 

If you’re not getting:

  • the views 
  • the subscribers 
  • the click-throughs 
  • an email list 

And if you’re struggling with that, you got to think of it in terms of that process and procedure. 

Final Word

You can even break these things down into other little substeps. Ask yourself what the barriers to get them to the next step are.  

I hope you found it helpful insightful and you learned a little bit more about how to increase your views, subscribers and building out your customer list.