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Two Tips on How You Can Create a Lot of Video Content for Your Blog FAST!

I’d like to share with you how to become a content video producing machine.

While I’ve had several YouTube channels, my channel on Stock Trading and Investing really took off. In order to continue to put out quality content quickly, I’ve had to change up my process.

Your most valuable asset is your time, and it’s limited, so it’s best to fine-tune your process.


Tip #1: Have your studio and everything you need in one place

Setting up your studio space chews up a lot of time, but if you have everything you need already set up and ready to go, it will only take you a few minutes each time you need to use it. Having your lights, camera, clothing and necessary items all in one place means you’ll spend less time setting up and more time creating content.

If you’re unable to have a dedicated studio to leave up, then you can make things easier on yourself by having markers of where you need to put the lights and where you will be sitting or standing in relation to the camera. If you must set up and take down your studio, then you can at least make the task as quick and efficient as possible.

Tip #2: Pre-film your content


If you are producing evergreen content (information that does not expire or still has relevance after it’s released), it’s a lot easier to pre-film that content.

If you pre-film ten to twenty videos in one day, you’ll find yourself ahead of schedule. It allows you to focus on all your quality content (since you’re already in the content producing mindset and have the energy) and saves you enormous amounts of time down the road.

Use these two tips to save time and produce quality content faster!

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