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Two Primary Assets You Can Use to Build or Grow Your Business

You need two types of assets to grow your business. Some people may be at different levels, but both types of assets are mandatory…

You can use knowledge of these assets in both your personal and business life. Don’t think this only applies to your business!


Personal Life

First, how can you use these types of assets in your personal life?

Let’s say you are training to lose weight. You may have external assets including running shoes, a fitness machine, a new juicer for your diet, etc. These assets are outside of you – external.

Internal assets are related directly to you. They can include the experience of losing weight, your education on the subject matter, and your discipline and motivation for getting things done.

These are the two types of assets needed, and you can apply them in your business life as well…

Business Life

Your external business assets can be computers, products, a building/office space, etc. These are all external from you.

Internal assets also apply – you need both. Internal assets include discipline, focus, mentality, experience, and education. I love education because it’s something I focus a lot of my time on to build up my internal assets.

Some people may rely more heavily on external assets, while others may have more internal assets. The point isn’t how much of one or the other, but the fact is: you need both.

Without external assets, you could have the knowledge to run a business but no product to sell. On the other hand, you could have a lot of product, but no education on how to get your product out there.

You will slowly start balancing your assets and they will change over time. Build both of these assets to grow your business as well as benefit your personal life.

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