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How a Synology NAS Can Replace Evernote for Your Business (Alternative) #BSI 42

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Today I want to share with you an Evernote replacement. If you haven’t heard me talk about this network-attached storage as before listen up.

It can definitely transform your business and the way that you do things. A lot of people like to store things in the cloud and I do too. It makes life easy. You could access things by phone and on other devices. But the problem is security. 

Security – Huge Problem

I personally think that security at your own house is probably better than security at other firms. That is because these big firms are targeted for breaches. And this is why these breaches happen is because they’re targeted. 

When they’re targeted for these things people are trying to extract the data. There’s a lot of users out there. When they break it they get a huge win rather than if they’re trying to break into yours. They might only get one person’s data. 

Looking at it from that perspective it’s really a problem. I say that because when you have hackers and people who are trying to breach and penetrate these companies data we have a huge problem.

What about Having Your Own Server?

I think that having your own server is going to save you a lot of money. 

Let’s say you want to take notes within your business. You want to organize some things in your business. You want to share notes amongst people.

In that case, you’re looking at $8 a month for Evernote premium. Sometimes for business users if you’re mixing in multiple teams about $15 a month.

They could of course use the basic version absolutely free. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re starting to use some of the premium features already one of the better alternatives is to have your own server because of the privacy.

At one point Evernote was also talking about that they’re reading other people’s notes. They’re not encrypted so why not have your own cloud.

This is where you get into the same thing with Dropbox. You’re paying $10 a month on average for these kinds of things.

Picking Your Own Server

I have a big one something like this 8 bay.

There’re others and you can go ahead and get that are even bigger.

Let’s say you have the one that is probably big as one or two basketballs. If you have it sitting on your desk and now all of a sudden people can send and receive data. Not only that, you can do a lot more with it. Something like installing applications on it.

One of them is note station. I’ll show you what that looks like on my computer. 

Let’s Go To My Server

You can see it looks something like this. 

You have a column over here on the left and I’ve zoomed in to block some private things. We do a lot of private things on here as well. I have some old passwords that I need to change.

The next thing is that you could use it like you would with Evernote. You store notes and you could convert these into numbers or bullets. You could convert it into a check box if you want.

If I want to add a check box I could use it as a to-do list. There’s a lot of things you could. You could put in pictures in here. There’s so many things that are possible and it really is like Evernote.

Important: There’s not every single feature that you can have in Evernote. That’s because Evernote constantly evolves. But these servers can do a lot more. With these servers there’s many more applications that you can do.

This is what we can do with the Synology DiskStation manager:

  • I can share files with my team 
  • I can file sync data backup protect things
  • there’s multimedia things cloud services

There’s a ton of applications that you can add. Here is the list of packages which is basically applications you can install on this mini computer or in other words – this server.

There is a calendar that you can sync. You can use your a chat system . Or you can use the discourse Download Manager. There’re many more tools out there. You can install your own website on these kinds of servers. 

Things to Conisder

I still would recommend a certain specific things you may want to buy. They have some premium features to some of the tools.

For example, a web host. I maybe would not host a huge website on these servers. But to get things started you could go ahead and host a WordPress website or some basic web sites. You know Google Drive replacement. There’s a lot of things that you can do. There’s the WordPress tool and package.

There’s a lot of things that you can do. 

And all you have to do is:

  • you buy one of these boxes 
  • you put some hard drives in it 
  • you connect it to your internet 

And now your team can log in and you can give them certain permissions. You can use Evernote as a replacement. So rather than paying whatever the fees for Evernote you can invest in one of these servers.

You can look at things like this: 

Look at Evernote pricing if you’re using it as a team – $15 a month. Putting this together at 10 months you’re at $80. And then if you use it for another application or another tool all of a sudden it starts making things more worthwhile.

Not to mention these most important things:

  • it’s private 
  • it’s on your own internet 
  • it’s not as prone or targeted as other big companies 

All of that is because they want big data breaches to be able to mine and get everybody’s passwords. In this case your account is not on there with all your details. It makes it a lot better.

Think This Through When It Comes to Evernote

If you got five or ten users that are using it starts to stack up. 

Imagine having five people (times $15 a month), that’s looking at $60 and you multiply that times 10 months. You’re at $600.

You paid for your server already in ten months with five people. Getting a server way earlier it’s going to save you a lot more money in the long run.

Technical Things About Your Own Server

It’s a higher upfront cost and there’s a little bit of setup in configuration that you need to know and understand. If you’re not techy you might need some help with that.

Otherwise as far as a Evernote replacement strategy this is the way to go. It’s private, you can’t go wrong with it.

There’s a couple little tools that you may not have. When you compare the features, it doesn’t have everything in that single note-taking app. But overall you can do quite a lot.

I’d say probably 95% of what you can do in Evernote. 

Are You Interested in Unlimited Space?

Here’s the other thing. 

In a business account (Evernote) you got:

  • 20 gigabyte limit or 
  • 2 gigabyte per user or 
  • 10 gigabyte on the premium 

However, with this server it’s unlimited. It’s unlimited on space as much harddrive space as you got or put it in. If you need to upgrade, just pull one out and put a new one in.

And you’re done. It’s done in a second and it simplifies your life in that way. 

What’s the Final Thought?

Think about it and look at this as a long-term investment in your business. Yes, it’s a little bit more upfront cost.

However, if you look at the long-term effect it’s smart thing to do. 

You might need it if:

  • you plan to be in your business for a while
  • if you have multiple people working
  • if you have multiple people connecting and uploading files to you

In that case it’s way worth it. It’s a much better deal to deal with the Synology note station.

QNAP also create these drives. They also have note station things, but Synology typically is a little bit more user friendly for people to set up. You could go with QNAP you could go Synology. There’re others out there as well.


Having your own network attached storage mass is a much better decision. It’s way better than paying things for in the cloud all the time. That way the price keeps stacking up.

If you want to see some of the tools that I use and have go to: backstage income website. There you can check out the resources and I try to keep these updated fairly regularly.