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Setting Up a 1800 Number for Your Website or Business Using MightyCall #insideBSI 4

Today I want to sign up for a virtual phone system. One of the reasons that I want to do that is to mask my hidden number or one of my other hidden numbers.

We use a local number that I’ve had for a while. But to also route things to other team members, it’s nice to have a phone system.

When people call us in it either goes directly to me or unless someone is logged in on our skype platform – then they may pick it up.

The way it works

I’ve had a Skype phone number. You need to get a Skype phone number.

Then when you get a Skype number, you give that out. Let’s say we’ve got one in the U.S. 

Here you can get a Skype phone number and then give that phone number out. Then people call you.

My team members have to log into, and then we might be all on the same Skype account. Then we’re answering phone numbers. It’s different so you could choose anywhere you want.

I want a California number, and this is the way that typically people do it. If you live in India and you want a phone number in California to seem like more of a tech company, then you can do that.

If you want one more in the New York area, I could do that. That’s one way to do it that’s the way we’ve been doing it.

When things get more complex

You can start to route things, and maybe then you need:

  • a tech guy to answer the tech calls 
  • a customer support person they answer the customer support 

Let’s say I have two or three websites, and you got two or three numbers.

It’s a little more challenging to do that with Skype. Skype is classic and affordable, but I started comparing things between MightyCall, Grasshopper, and also Freshcaller.

We run a company, and we have multiple websites. The things are that we have other sites that are popping up since we have a network, and different websites are working together.

The problem here is when we have a one agent per month plus pay per minute. I might have 15 or 25 agents. 

That’s because I might have:

  • one person in charge of the e-book stuff
  • one person in charge of the investing thing for customer support

They have different specialties and knowledge and know-how. If you have like 20 agents, this starts to add up very quickly.

That’s the case even though they might be only answering like five calls a month. If a website is getting started, it’s not going to have a lot of phone calls.

Take a look at pricing (Grasshopper)

You have a solo plan or three number extension. If you have three numbers that could give you like three websites but only six extensions. So you’ve got six people in theory and maybe three numbers.

That gives you $44 on the plan. If you do one number with three extensions that’s three people, one phone number would be almost one website, or you’re reusing that number across multiple web sites.

It’s a little more complicated. If you have five numbers, you’re paying $80 a month. Let’s add five different websites. That way it’s coming into this website. Then we know that it could get moved around and that way the number could bounce.

Pricing (MightyCall)

Mightycall seems to fit our needs better because you get unlimited extensions. When you compare it to the solo plan, and you get two phone numbers right away.

Let’s say, hey, I have two web sites. If you have two web sites, you could put one number on one and one on the other.

You have these extensions that you can forward them here and there. The other advantage here is international calls. This is per request. International numbers are essential for me in case we deal with more international things in the future.

Signing up to MightyCall

In either case, we’re going to sign up here with Mightycall. There’s also a coupon.

It’s a fairly reasonable test, and this is why we went ahead. And this is what I’m aiming for.

To sign up to this, we’ll hit the sign up. I already figured out the number I want. We’re going to use this tab.

We’ll hit create an account. There’s a promo code right there.

I do the registration, and then we’ll do the email, and I’ll add a password here as well. Once I have this setup, it’ll take you to a paid by card area.

You’re going to get a form like this. There’s the number that you get. Of course, you could edit this if you want a different number. 

We’ll pop in the credit card number here right now. Then you get this congratulations page with some of the other details underneath.

That’s pretty much it. That’s all you need to sign up for something like this. That’s all you need to do to be able to use a 1-800 number on your websites.

Now you can start routing calls to either other teammates, team members, or yourself.

Take a look at MightyCall Profile

This is why I went with mightycall.

You have this flow chart that you can work with.

If you’re busy, then here’s the next list. You have these answering rules that you can create and set up. All these are customizable.

Here’s a quick look inside the panel:

You can see a little phone widget that pops up that you can use to make phone calls. It takes a few seconds there to come up, but there you can see there’s your number. You dial it in and make a call.

There you can find a history of all the calls that were done. You can probably buy to record some phone calls. I don’t need to record phone calls.

There’s a team account as well. You could also add another person if you have another team member out there.

Here’s another exciting part that I’ve liked is the call flow.

You could have business hours if you want, which is cool if you want available 24 hours a day just forward it there.

And then there’s like a greeting and so forth if you don’t pick it up.

You could also leave a voicemail or add music. The thing is you could create a fairly significant flow. I could enable VIP.

If a number comes in from this number and now from a VIP customer right there, it goes in forwards it to here.

And I could have it go to a different extension. It’s interesting that if you have a call coming in from a specific person, it forwards it to another extension. And you could stack this to many more things.

It looks like you can even add flow and so forth. It’s all about filtering calls based on your needs. We don’t need things that complicated.

Maybe your business needs that. Then you may want something like this.

It’s always nice to reach people in another way.

That’s a the Mightycall panel and system. Check out backstage income resources page if you want to find some other useful tools. That way you can get linked up maybe get a discount as well.


Get a 1-800 number and start flowing and routing your calls based on your needs and for your customers.