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Why You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Blog or Teach and Help Other People #BSI 18

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Today I’ll share with you how to build and grow a profitable business. You’ll learn why you don’t have to be a top dog or the best in your industry to help other people.

It doesn’t matter whether it comes to blogging, creating YouTube videos or writing e books. Whatever the case may be you don’t have to be the best to be helpful, valuable and to even profit from it.

In this post, I’ll show you different examples of how you can use concepts that will open your horizons and help you grow your own business.

Grow Your Business – Martial Arts Concept

I’ll share with you a little story back in the day when I used to do a lot more martial arts and teaching.

And if you don’t know the way the belt system works let’s say you have these kinds of belts:

We skipped a few, but it’s enough, for now, to understand how this works.

Here is the belt system that you have when it comes to a general martial arts system. Of course, any dojo can change a structure depending on their needs, wants and the way they run their school.

But the way that it works is that usually the darker you go – the more dirt and sweat that you’ve invested. When you’re new you’re pure, and you don’t have as much knowledge and then later as you continue to grow you are going to yellow, blue, green, brown, black belt and so on.

How Things Work in a Martial Arts School

When I was running my school, I noticed that everyone wanted to work with black belts. Because that way they can absorb a lot of knowledge and information. But unfortunately, a black belt can’t devote all energy to white belts and everyone in that school.

In a school that becomes very busy is that you’ll have one or two levels that are above you that may be helping you out. Sometimes all you need is quick advice for specific exercises (10-20 minute segments), answers to unusual questions and something like this.

If you’re the white belt, you go ahead and get help from blue belts. Then the green belt might help the yellow belt; then the brown belt helps the blue belt. So it kind of works in this manner and you know the black belt might help the brown belt and the green belt.

It’s important to see that you’re just trying to allocate the different resources into what you have and what’s available. And my point here is to show you that you don’t have to be a Michael Jordan to be able to help kids play basketball. All you need to do is to be a step or two above other people to help them out.

Grow Your Business – Woodworking Concept

If you take for example Woodworking blog (teaching people how to create art with wood), you can recognize the similarity with developing any business.

For example, you might not be the best woodworker, and you might not have art that’s sitting in a museum. But did you read two books and have you practiced and created a few pieces?

If so, you might be a step above some people. It’s well known that you have a lot of people always at the base.

That’s just because more people are starting and there’s that turnover ratio. Eventually, as the ladder continues the next level, you have fewer people. As that continues to grow, you have less and less people.

What’s the Best Strategy for Growing Your Business?

If you’re looking to improve your business, it’s an excellent idea to focus on the beginners.

The thing is if you’re focusing a lot on the beginners – or on people who are just starting – there’s many more of them. You might want to go out and show more experienced woodworkers everything you know, and you end up with something that is too complicated. You can spend months, and you have to explain how to use all these tools to perfection.

And if you’re starting a business and you’re talking about woodworking you know it’s a good idea to go after professionals. And all of that will make you feel more powerful and knowledgeable.

But the thing is: Your customer base is full of beginners. You will make more people happy, and that is crucial for your improvement.

Improve Your Business Skills Using this General Concept

You have an enormous percentage of people who are beginners, and they will be happy to hear everything you have to say. That is your customer base.

Of course, if you get back and look at the martial arts concept, you can see that there is a smaller percentage of people who are highly experienced. However, these people are your long-term customers.

You know you do want the long-term customers, but the thing is when you’re putting your focus on the marketing or creating content or if you’re scared about the fact that you’re brand new to YouTube, blogging, making money online, playing basketball, or martial arts that is all understandable.

But, if you go out and help other people, it’ll take your level a little bit further because you learn from working with other people. And all you need to be is just a step above so that you could help this batch of people below you – the people with less experience than you.

Your goal is to pass that knowledge down. And as you give that knowledge away from one person to the next what happens is that continuous learning and development process is more significant and more powerful.


If you’re starting in a blog business, educating people, sharing your message, and connecting with other people you don’t have to be the best.

Don’t worry about being the best. Worry about connecting with your demographic, with your audience, with your targeted customers. Don’t forget that there can only be one best tennis player or basketball player.

And think about this: how do all the other little kids to play soccer, basketball, hockey? They don’t need the best instructor out there. They have a great instructor; they may have someone that can relate to them and understand and motivate them. Someone able to take them further.

That’s what you need to do with your audience and your customers. And remember, do what you love, contribute to other people, but most importantly live life abundantly.