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How to Build Email Lead Magnets that Convert Like Crazy! #BSI 33

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Hey, this is Sasha Evdakov.

Today I want to share with you how you can create e-mail lead magnets that convert like crazy.

If you don’t know yet, e-mail is a very powerful marketing medium. It’s one of the things that people still check on a day to day basis.

Whereas Facebook and those other platforms people do go on them, but a lot of the content gets filtered.

Take a look at MySpace. Once that was gone, you can’t market through that anymore. People move to another form, but they’re still using e-mail.

Building e-mail leads – the right way

If you don’t already understand that e-mail is one of those things that you need to start collecting, I mean collecting e-mail addresses from your prospects to be able to build some leads.

When you have those leads, you can then build the relationship, nurture that relationship, and build that connection. That way you can sell them a product or service later on down the road.

The problem with getting an e-mail address is now it’s like a currency. You have to exchange something for it.

This is what you need to do. People do some giveaways. The higher the giveaway then, the more likely someone will give you their e-mail address.

Let’s say you’re giving away $50,000 or $1,000,000 like some of those sweepstakes do. Of course, people are going to sign up give their information. That’s a lead generating method to collect leads for people who are interested in this thing.

You fill out a question, a survey and now they have a whole bunch of leads. Now yes they did pay for the sweepstakes or the giveaway, but eventually, they got a bunch of leads.

Minimal effort – maximum results

How do you do the same concept where you attract a lot of people and get their e-mail address, but without putting too much work. And it’s essential to attract the right people.

Here’s how you do it. You look at it in terms of a quadrant. We have a form of consumption. Here is consume. And then when we have the consumption, we have it easy. Or we have it hard to consume.

This goes along the lines of a spectrum. And then you also have another spectrum that goes this way.

This would be the desire spectrum – a vertical one. You have a high and low desire.

When you look at it, you wonder what goes into each quadrant?

You want something in quadrant; there is a high desire and easy to consume.

  • What is that thing?

I’ll get there in a minute.

But let’s look at what people are doing nowadays. 

Video series: Something hard to consume and high desire.

Free consult: Something hard to consume, but low desire. That’s the case if you’re running a business and you want people to come in to get a free consultation. Or pick up the phone to get a free consultation. It takes a lot of time, and it’s not that desirable. Sometimes webinars fit into this as well.

However, some webinars can be up here – where is high desire, but it’s always harder to consume.

Easy consumption area

E-books are easy to consume, but the desire is lower. That is their quadrant.

E-books are a little more challenging to consume then maybe a video series. If you’re looking to put these things on the map, there’s a relativity concept.

It all depends on these different things that you’re creating. So an e-book it’s easier to consume then webinar. However, it’s not always desirable. It takes a bit of time still to go through and read an e-book.

Area you want to focus on

What is high desire, but also easy to consume? And quick for you to make.

This would be something like a cheat sheet. Anything with the cheat sheet, resources guide, page, or tool kit.

You have to give something in that form where you’re giving 2-3 page PDFs, a cheat sheet, or a worksheet.

It could be a daily planner – a one-page daily planner to be successful.

These are the things that people want. They’re easy to consume. They open it up, and they are thrilled.

Avoid using this as e-mail lead

If you have something highly desirable, but it’s difficult to consume – avoid it.

Let’s say you have a 45-hour webinar where you’re doing a seminar online. Some people may be interested in that, but it’s not an e-mail grabbing thing.

It’s not something that you’re giving away to get the e-mail address. Even though it may be insightful, and it may be beneficial. 

Pro tip: These people that are giving you their e-mail address they are at the start. The thing is if you’re starting, you don’t want a 45-hour webinar.

You might want a 45-second item.

Later on, as they go through multiple stages, then they may want something that’s 45 hours long.

I have courses in my investment education series that are 20-plus hours long. And people are interested in that. They’ve put the time and energy to building that relationship with me.

They showed me that they want more in-depth learning. 

The best approach at the beginning

If you are trying to start a relationship and to get your lead magnet to convert start with something like a toolkit.

Also, you can use:

  • a resources page
  • cheat sheet 
  • worksheet 
  • a daily planner 

That’s what I would recommend.


If you don’t have a newsletter company yet then take a look at my resources page where I talk about:

And many other e-mail marketing companies.

Decide which one is for you. They’re all a little different, and they all have some advantages and disadvantages.