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What Exactly is a Keyword or Key Phrase: SEO for Beginners Tutorial

Hey this is Sasha, and in this video, what I’d like to do is share with you exactly what is a keyword, and how do you use it in search engine optimization.

What is a keyword? in plain English

A keyword in simple plain language is basically a word or phrase that many people use or type in to find what it is they’re looking for. If I’m looking to find great cupcakes In the Tampa area or in the New York City area, then I might search for “Cupcakes in New York City”, or “Pizza in New York City”.

If you’re looking for something specific, you can search by using these keywords. Keep in mind it’s not just any one single word. For example, it’s not just “pizza”, because if you type in just “pizza” into Google, you’re going to get a lot of different results.

Here, if I take a look at Google and I go ahead and type in “pizza”, you can see that right here in this area, what you’ll get is some of the more popular pizza places, Pizza hut, Marcos pizza, you get the top 10 pizzas in new York Cincinnati, which is currently where I’m at. Papa jones pizza and Delicioso Coal fired pizza.

There are a lot of things that are related, but what if I’m looking for just “logo” and that’s all I search for? If I search for just “logo”, now I get a definition, I get logo TV, logo garden, logo in the Wikipedia.

Keyword vs. Key phrase

If I’m looking for a logo designer, I can get more specific, now we’re talking about a keyword phrase, now this is a phrase, not just a keyword.

Now you get a logo maker, this is where you can make your own logo in minutes, you get graphic spring, create your own logo, instant logo maker, but here you get logo design, logo tools, you also get again more logo maker, here is 99 designs, which is basically where you can hire multiple designers, a crowd designing kind of service, or a fiverr design service.

But again, what if I want to sit down with my logo designer, then I might go ahead and search for “logo designer Tampa”, or “logo designer in Tampa Florida”. Because there might be two different Tampas, who know.

The more specific you are, the better your results will be

In either case, as you get more and more specific, now you start fine-tuning your search results. Again, Tampa logo design, logo designer in Tampa. This gets more specific to what I’m looking for. And this is what happens when you’re looking for keywords or key phrases to target.

Google has its own tool that’s also another one keyword tool that I use. So if we type in here, let’s just say “cupcakes”, and I go ahead and do a quick little search, what’s going to do is give you a list of other keyword ideas and insights. There are 703 unique keywords.

Looking at things from a business perspective

When you look at this keyword list, you could look at it from two different perspectives. You can look at it from the user side, this is what the users are typing in, or the other side, this is actually what you can target as a business owner. Because these are the keywords, these are things that people are looking for.

If you’re just a regular user, this is potentially what you’re typing in, or if you’re a business owner, these are things people are looking at or looking for.

They might look for “cupcake recipes”, that’s probably a big term. They might be looking for “cupcake and cardio”, I have no idea why they would do that, but they might be doing it. Cupcakes at Wal-Mart, cupcakes at rainbows, it could be a company name, I don’t know, cupcakes in New York by Melissa. There’s a lot of different things.

And if you do the same thing with let’s say “horses”, if I just type in the word “horses” on its own, and I do a quick search, now you start seeing horses for sale, horses for sale in Alabama, horseshoe theory, so there’s a lot of different things, horses running, horses breeding.

If you’re doing more things related to, let’s say horses breeding, you can start getting more specific, and then again, go ahead and now you see those keywords that even got deeper beyond just horses in general.

Now we get “horses breeding Minecraft”, I guess there’s Minecraft related where you can breed horses, horses breeding pictures, horses breeding cows, horses breeding games and videos and humans and horses breeding apps, so there’s a lot of different horse breeding businesses.

There are a lot of different keyword terms that you can keep getting more and more specific into, but ultimately that’s what a keyword is.

Don’t focus on broader keywords

To simplify things, a keyword or key phrase is really what people are searching for, and keep in mind it’s not just about getting the big keywords. Yes, there are a lot of people that search for broader keywords, because if you just type in the word “logo” and if you’re the person selling logo design software for people, like adobe Photoshop or illustrator, if you just type in the word logo, more than likely that’s not what they’re looking for.

You might be a designer, you might be a software provider, and let’s just say out of 100 people, you have a 1 or 2% conversion, in that case, you only have one or two people that are looking for your stuff out of 100.

On the flip side, if you have the keywords targeted “logo design software”, now when someone types that in, even though the amount of searches might be less, let’s say 35 searches, but you get 90% of those conversions, let’s just say you get 30 people, that’s still much more than one or two people, even though you might get way less people searching for that stuff, but they’re looking specifically for you. So as they’re finding exactly what they’re looking for, and you’re able to provide that, your conversion rate will be higher.

Focusing on more specific keywords can be really beneficial for you because you’re targeting the right people that you want, that is your target market.

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