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Why Most Internet Bloggers Fail & Never Make Any Money!

If you’re not making money from your blog – here are the reasons why.

Your blog is a business

Many bloggers think of their blog as a journal or a place to relay their opinions and thoughts rather than a money-making business. You must think of it as a business if you want to make an income from it.

At surface-level, you may think that to make money off of your blog, you just need to create a lot of posts which will then drive traffic to your website and you’ll make money from the ads.

But that is not the correct way to look at things.

Most of the money you will make off your blog is from the back-end products. Meaning, your future products or products outside of the blog. What you’re doing with your blog is providing quality content and delivering value to the reader.


Use your blog as a ladder to your products

You bring people to your blog, build your audience and the relationship, and then you direct them toward your products (books, educational course series, newsletter, etc.) or someone else’s products.

Think of it this way – your blog is the first step in the relationship with your reader. As you provide quality content and drive them to your products or services, and they purchase one, and then another and another, you’ll begin to see the trickle effect of your back-end products making income.

Remember that your blog itself will not make you the income you intend unless you’re providing a ladder to other products or services. You could be getting hundreds or thousands from selling products rather than pennies from ads or click-through-rates on your blog.

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