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How to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Your Videos on YouTube #BSI 35

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Hey, this is Sasha Evdakov.

Today I’m going to share with you how to attract your ideal customer. 

How do you get those people to come in and:

  • watch your YouTube videos 
  • read your blogs 
  • take a look at your social media profiles

How do you attract that ideal person?

This is what most people do in terms of building content and looking at their content creation strategy. I’ll break this down into a couple of different levels.

Level 1 – Feel like it

That person who’s creating content for YouTube is doing it on the content that they feel like doing.

They are saying: “I feel like doing this, and that’s the content that I’m going to make.”

Some content might be about my hair because people want to know about my day to day life anyway. Some content might be around my business – what I’m working on.

Other content might be around how to fix a computer. You have a lot of different mixed content everywhere in the level 1 world.

This is all about being a daily blogger. They may have a side business, and they’re making some money. It could be from sponsorship. But they’re not attracting their ideal customer.

They might be hitting some people here and there and getting some things to convert. However, there’s not a natural attraction.

Level 2 – Things get serious 

This is a deeper level thinking. Let’s say you’re dealing with woodworking. And when you’re dealing with woodworking, you’re creating content all in this spectrum.

You have different content pieces in that spectrum. This is all regarding woodworking.

You have this woodworking audience and customer base. Now we’re going to hone in and focus on all these pieces of content.

The thing is, you’re starting to create content all around different things. 

That could be content around:

  • table saws 
  • carving 
  • sculpting 
  • tools (drills, drill guns, nail guns)

You have all of this as a level 2.

Level 3 – Start thinking about this

This level is where I want you to be.

Level 3 starts looking at content about your audience in a different way.

Ask yourself:

  • How do I attract the right person?
  • What is it that they want to see?

In level 2, you’re thinking about them. You’re thinking about them in the sense of your outside perspective.

You’re looking at them from this perspective – these could be things that they’re interested in.

However, level 3 goes into that customer’s mind and says what they are trying to do.

Focus on this example – Drills 

I like this example.

Let’s say a customer is searching for a drill. And suppose you have top ten drills to buy.

This could be a content piece for level 2.

Level 3 starts looking at it differently. You’re looking at what is this person trying to do.

This person who is looking to buy a drill, they’re trying to make holes. Typically if you’re using a drill, gun or a drill you want to make a hole.

They may want to make a hole, but what do they want to make a hole for?

Now there’re some ideas & questions that you can focus on:

  • they want to make a hole for in concrete and cement
  • maybe they want to make it in wood
  • how do they want to do it?
  • are there barriers there?
  • what are they trying to do?

You have to realize that a person that’s looking for a drill gun is not necessarily looking for a drill gun to buy.

They’re looking to make holes. And if you have a better way (DIY of how to make a hole without a drill), then this is how you do it.

This content piece is fantastic.

Let’s say a person is not a woodworking person. It’s a person that’s not interested in having and owning a drill. They want to make one hole to stick something in there. 

It could be they’re trying to hide something. They might want to run a wire. They’re trying to stick something through their drywall. Who knows.

That means if you offer something like How do they make a hole without a drill without too much damage, that could be great.

Pro tip: If you have a DIY video about that if you can show them how to do that a little bit differently now you’re getting into the mind of the customer.

That way you’re getting into the mind of your audience and your prospect. 

DIY videos – popular ones

Why do you think DIY videos are so high?

It’s because those are honing in and focusing on people that are interested in their core of what they’re trying to do. Rather than this standard and simple scenario – I’m looking for a drill gun.

Using that advice, you’ll take it a step further. Now you are going to understand your audience.  

If you make a DIY video that shows how they can make a hole without damage or even without using a drill – that’s awesome. And you’re still using keywords – drills.

That’s really what you want to do. You want to start thinking about it at a deeper level.

Quick overview

Level 1 – they’re not even thinking about it. 

Level 2 – you start thinking about your core, your audience, and your niche. Your topics and ideas are at least focused all around this central topic. All the content pieces that you’re creating is around this center niche.

Level 3 – You start thinking about that person. What are they trying to make? That’s that highest level form.

Final Word

You could continue to think further. That’s because if they’re trying to make a whole without a drill, what hole is it?

Is it concrete, cement, or wood? Ask yourself how quickly do they want to do it. What if they have quadriplegia and they don’t have hands and feet. Start thinking deeper beyond level 1.

I hope you understand a little bit more how to think a little deeper about your audience and that way you can start attracting them through your videos, blog posts, and social media.