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How Long or How Many Pages Should You Make Your Book?

If you’ve never written a book before, you might be wondering how many pages or how long you should make your book.

But you shouldn’t be thinking in terms of pages – you should be thinking in terms of value. If what you’re providing the reader is extremely valuable content, then you should base your page length on the amount of valuable ideas you’re planning to bring to publication.


That being said, there are certain expectations people have on the length of books. If you’re writing a novel, for example, readers will expect that the length is enough to cover the plot, character development and other elements of the story.


However, if you’re writing a how-to book like my Business Launch Pad book (250 pages) you can forgo length for value. Another example is my 100 Stock Trading Tips that is a handbook for stock trading and it’s only 100 pages, but full of valuable information.


Something to remember

If the information in your book is evergreen content (continues to provide value after you’ve read it), it will continue to be valuable to customers. But if your book contains information that is digested and then brings no more value to the reader (or makes them money), it will not be considered as valuable.

Remember that your readers or buyers will have expectations about your books, but the value will always trump length. You can always shoot for more pages than the “average” length in the category you’re writing in if you feel you have plenty of valuable information to contribute.

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