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How I Plan My Online Video Courses with Airtable #insidebsi 8

Hey, this is Sasha Evdakov.

I want to share with you how I am planning online video courses and some things that come along with that. 

We are going to go through the planning process. That’s different for every course. Every course is different. Every product is different, but the video courses have a similar process that we go through.

It’s all about matching things together – like clay. You start with some ideas. Some ideas you get from other books and video courses.

You put some things together, and then you start reworking some titles.

Here’s How Things Works – Airtable

I’ll give you some insight – that’s my process.

I use Airtable to do this whole process. I’ve created a bunch of different content topic and ideas that I may want to cover.

Airtable is great and fantastic for it. It’s like excel, but on steroids. It’s excellent to resort things and information.

In this case, we’re doing about a three-course plan. It’s three courses, not one course. I don’t like overpacking my classes with too much. My courses tend to be long anyway. Because of that, I’m always trying to make them short and straightforward.

Want them to be digestible and easy to consume. Even though we may have a lot of videos, it allows people to skip around quite a bit if they want to.

Doing it in this way allows me also to implement and change things and upgrade things with time. The course can continue to expand, but, with Airtable, it varies from course to course.

I’m planning out things like this:

  • my youtube business masterclass 
  • how to make money through YouTube
  • how to accelerate revenue and traffic with youtube

As we go about this, I did some drop downs. I did course 1, course 2, and course 3.

Then I have sections. These are not all perfect. Eventually, I put things also in other and then later I’ll rearrange things. Then I have things in section 3 or section 2. This is for the second video course, and then section 3 is for the third video course.

How to Group Things?

I want to show you how I group things. And I’ll arrange items by the course. Something gets grouped by the course. If I want to work on the second course, I can be closing all the others up and working on the second one.

I’m jotting ideas at the beginning, but then I’ll move it around.

If I want to move something to part one, then all of a sudden it gets moved into that area. And you’re able to see that one as you scroll down.

It allows me to do these things on the fly quickly. You can group by the next section. I’ll pick the second one in the second category.

That means if I want to regroup by internally with section one, these are the sections for in that course. Now I got groups based on section one. It doesn’t regroup by part 2 because I’m focused on the first one.

Airtable allows me to quickly rearrange things and move things from one course to the other. Sometimes I got a good section idea.

Let’s say I’m talking about affiliates. I’ll show you here part three. I created this one viewing things on part three. I can group pick another field to group by section three. Now we can hide everything that we don’t need.

You can see all of these are grouped and I can even hide fields that I don’t need. It saves my view. So as I go back into it, it saves my view.

Working on One Specific Section?

If I want to work on an affiliate section here’s what you do. Here are all my affiliate content and things related to affiliates.

For example, I want to plan out:

  • article 1
  • item idea 
  • idea 3 
  • idea 4

Once I get those in there, you can paste them in. It’s good to go. I’ll show you a couple more of these here again.

I pasted them in, and it’s good to go. That’s how you go about doing it. And then I checkmark them or fill them all down.

That’s how I would do it, and that’s how I plan out my courses. Then if I want one video of above the other one I could move that up or down. It’s flexible. 

Respect all The Steps in the Process

You’re trying to figure out the topic ideas that you want to cover. And then, later on, we get into slides and those kinds of things.

This is the brainstorming part. This is how I go about doing it to be able to create a course. This process could go on for multiple weeks.

I might get to it 30 minutes here and there. And with the time you get the planning stage done. Once it’s planned, then you can go into designing PowerPoint slides and other things.

And then you can get into the filming stage. It’s a long-winded process. But as far as the planning goes, that’s how I do it.

What about Course Production?

Some of the main questions are:

  • did we film it?
  • is it ready for editing?
  • is it ready for disclaimers?
  • is it ready for final export?
  • is it ready for upload?

You do it step by step. Here’re all with checkmarks. That way, you can see every single video is done. 

It’s the check by check process.

Final Word

I hope you got some good insight here on planning out a video course. You learned how I go about doing it. I used to also do it more in a notepad file, and that’s very simple.

Airtable is great for planning online video courses. I don’t want to miss anything. It’s an excellent double-check method that Airtable gives you.