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How to Create Your Content & Grow Your YouTube Channel When You are a Small YouTuber #BSI 29

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I want to share with you how you can grow your YouTube channel if you’re getting started. So if you have a small YouTube channel trying to figure out how you can improve it, how do you do that and rare tune things to giving and delivering content that people will love and enjoy?


Linear Approach

The way people go about creating content online is linear. So the idea that it works for most people. Especially people that don’t know what they’re doing online. They have this topic called Corky topic or the start topic. They hone in and let’s say hey okay we’re making a YouTube video about dogs. And we go ahead, and we hone in, and we focus on this one single topic about dog training.

And it goes to one by one topic all about dog training. That might be good because this is your passion.

You love dog training, things about dogs, about that pet industry and that, might be OK to get things started. And that you can also make money in about any niche. But, when you look at your audience and core base,  It may not be the right approach because you’re starting kind of from a linear fashion. And you’re continuing to create video and content all around this dog training topic.

So when you do this, It limits you because it keeps you in this linear fashion. Which the only thing that you can talk about is one topic.

It keeps you on this road in one hand. That’s good to stay on the way at times, but when you’re getting started, it’s not the best approach.

The Shotgun Approach

The shotgun approach is creating content or videos. And figuring out what your audience needs and wants. A shotgun approach is you know you a regular gun? A proper gun shoots kind of one bullet straight. And it hits and points a target. Whereas, when you look at what happens with those bullets? It explodes, and there are three or five many slews of bullets. That is going out and trying to hit a specific target.

What we are trying to do is we are going to go spread out your content so even if your core topic is dog related. Let us take this for example. Let’s say we’re focused on dogs. Also, we love the dog training industry area but let’s say our core focus is still dogs.

Now let’s say we talk a little bit more about dog food. Then we talk about dog walking, dog exercise, about dog hell. Then we’ll look at these things then look at the training part, but the training part could be training. Let’s say tricks or the training part could go into the bathroom. And when you do this, you can see how you’re segmenting things. As you look at hey what are the things that people want.

Evaluating your audience

When you create five to ten different videos on each one, let’s say We got three videos on the bathroom. We have three here and three here.

All these videos have these content areas have three videos of them you can see which one is getting more hits. Which one is getting more likes and are people asking questions? You will also observe which topic people are commenting and if you notice that hey the dog food people want to make organic dog food. And they want dog health too. And let’s say dog walking is a core topic for them that’s earning a huge interest in YouTube space or the blogging space. That can be the type of content where you want to focus. That’s not to say you can’t do dog training and create courses on that. But if your core audience is starting to hit and trigger. And find you through the medium of dog food, dog health, dog walking, and it’s better to stay in that area and range.

Linear Approach Vs. Shotgun Approach


Look at it hey am I taking the linear approach or am I taking the shotgun approach? If you’re making a direct approach, you’re going to hone in and focus on straight one path. And you may not see what better opportunities are there if you’re making the shotgun approach. You’re trying to hit a bunch of different areas at first and test to see which ones are better.

That’s a better approach to growing a YouTube channel. Your getting started to find the specific content that you should be creating.

I hope you found it helpful to understand what type of content you should be creating. And how to go about structuring and organizing your content for a small YouTube channel.

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