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How to Generate a Massive List of Keywords: SEO for Beginners Tutorial

Hey this is Sasha and in today’s video what I want to do is share with you how you can generate a large list of keywords to use for a search engine optimization, ideas, brainstorming for your articles, for your videos, just to generate a lot of different keywords, you might be looking to hit a few keywords in certain niches, areas or maybe just get some ideas to write new content.

An excellent way to do that is to look at some suggestion tools or other content that’s created, and of course, if you’re focused on search engine optimization, researching keywords is a great way to get insights into the competition and how competitive things are. Especially if you’re concerned about your rankings.

What I want to do is share with you a few tools that you can use to brainstorm, get some ideas and concepts to that, if you want you can also look at my analyzing the competition video, which has a few extra or additional tools, which I’ll link right below this video, but otherwise let’s take a look at some of these keywords tools, so that you can get the juices flowing in your mind and see some other variations to the keywords.

Keyword planner

The first tool that I want to share with you is a legacy tool; it’s the Google AdWords keyword tool, if you’re in Google AdWords and you have an account, you can go to the tool at the very top, and go to keyword planner.

Once you’ve clicked this link, you’ll see you have a few options in the keyword planner, you can go ahead and search for new keywords using a phrase website or category, get search volume and data trend, or a multiply keyword list to get new words.

Let’s hit the first one and see what happens, you enter a keyword here and let’s say I’m looking to do videos or filming and in that case let’s just say “wedding videography”. Let’s say that’s kind of what I’m looking for, and let’s just say I get some ideas.

When I hit that button and I get some ideas, you’ll see that there is some search history and traffic that goes along with this keyword. The search keyword, the wedding videos that I put out right here tells you the average monthly searches 60500, low competition, but you’re bidding about $2.63.

Keep in mind Google is always going to look at pay per click because that’s how they make their money.

What you can do is continue to search through some of the other suggested keywords here that I have. Wedding films, videographer for weddings, best wedding videos, video for wedding, so these are just some other terms people are searching for.

The other thing to think about is of course location based. If you have a location base, let’s say wedding videography in Tampa Florida. Now let’s see what happens here.

As I hit ideas, you can see right there, average monthly searches, only about 110, but the suggested bid is $4.45, so you can see the more specific you get on this, actually the more expensive it gets.

And that is simply because this is how the consumer or the regular person is targeting this niche or demographic. Again, Tampa video, Tampa wedding videographer, Tampa videographers, so you could browse keywords and get ideas this way and then simply copy these or download the ideas into an excel sheet. You can also take a look at ad ground ideas.

When you’re on this page, there is a button, it’s a little bit less noticeable, but you can hit ad group ideas, and now you can see this is based on a group. So do you want wedding photography? Because now you get into the photography keyword section, or do you want more videographers? Or more wedding videographers?

Let’s say I go and click this link, now you get cheap wedding videographer, New Jersey wedding videographer, affordable wedding videographer, so you can see there is a variety of keywords here that can be created.

This is just one tool that you can use just to get some ideas, I don’t think it’s probably my favorite tool to get ideas, there is a few other tools that I like,

Here is, if I go into wedding videography and I do a search, notice that on this tool I can use Google, YouTube, Bing, amazon, and you can see here it gives you some ideas and insights about 337 unique keywords, it’s a nice simple list, that’s kind of all I want, so now it might give me ideas to create articles about prices or things near me or contracts, how to fill out a contract, different songs, packages, tips.

There are a lot of different types of content that I can create from this. Some of them are geographical based, but others could be the camera, the cameras wedding videographers use. There is a lot of things right there.

I could also do the same thing on YouTube. If I hit the YouTube button here at the top, it’ll give me some other things, like wedding videography tutorial 2016, songs, tips, gear, Texas school, so they could be looking for schools, wedding videography, audio, business, background music and country and camera, commercial, California.

There are a lot of different suggestions here that you could find just from this page, and I like this tool a lot better than the Google tool, simply because it’s a nice list.

If you want to pay for the tool, you can get more search volume and see what the search volume is, that also could be handy if you’re more into that, otherwise, if you’re looking to make articles, it gives you ideas, this is a just nice way to generate a list. is also another nice one where if I search for wedding videographers, you can see here we get a few search results, and again the volume on the search and competition is blocked out because they want you to pay for the service, but of course, they are pulling this from the Google search anyway.

Wedding videographers, professional wedding videographers, that’s from South Africa. Wedding videographers Cape Town, I’m not sure why they are doing Cape Town, wedding videographers Las Vegas, wedding videographers Chicago.

You can see they are city based here, but the ideas on this, they’re not as good as the other one in my opinion, but it’s another way to look at keywords.

KW Finder

And finally the last one is this website, it’s called KW Finder, which allows you to find long tail keywords with low SEO competition.

And if I look for wedding videography or wedding videographers, you can see here on the left what it’s doing, it’s generating some of those results right above my head and it’ll give you some search factors.

We have wedding videographers, and you can see the search volume right there, average monthly search, cost per click, pay per click, so again, you’ve got videographers, wedding photography, wedding cinematography, videographers for wedding, best wedding videos, wedding photography, and videography.

You can see there is also a lot of different searches here, you also have cinematography wedding video and those searches. So again, giving you ideas of what’s possible.

If you see that little button and you click that button, it’ll take you to the related keywords. So if I’m doing wedding films, I might say let me take and explore more wedding films, what you’ll get is a list of wedding films. In either case it’ll give you some more keywords and suggestions.

You choose the tools you want to use

It’s up to you which tool you use or which tool you like, each one has it’s plusses and minuses, again, it really comes down to your personal needs, but if you’re looking for some brainstorming ideas, there is a handful of tools right there to give you some insights to creating a large list, and what you can do is take these lists, whichever list you want and just go ahead and copy them, you take it, you copy them and you put them into excel, into word, into a notepad file, generate your own list, back it up and slowly start building out your content, or looking and studying those keywords, phrases and terms.

I hope you got some insight at how you can generate a massive list of keywords, it’s all just about using a couple of tools, takes a few minutes to generate a list, and as you dig deeper into some of these tools, you’ll find a tool that you might like, and once you like that tool, you find one primary keyword and you build on it.

For example, if we’re doing wedding videography, you can see there is tutorial, and if you’re teaching wedding videography, you could say Wedding video tutorial, so you could start there and start building on this list, and then you search for that.

Now you have cinematic wedding video tutorial or after effects wedding video tutorial, so do you make more training videos about using after effects and about creating those effects within wedding videos? Or how to edit wedding videos? Again, that is totally up to you, but this creates a list and it’s a starting point to where you can be a spider and dig deeper, just like the robots do when they crawl your search engines.

Once you have this list created, of course you can do whatever you want with it, whether that’s analyzing those keywords, who’s ranking at the top for those keywords and phrases and where you personally rank for those keywords and phrases or use them just as a list to generate ideas for blog posts, content, video content, and other forms and factors.

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