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How We Create Our Email Marketing Opt-ins & Freebies (FAST) #BSI 44

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In this post, we’re going to take a look at how we create our opt-in email marketing PDFs that we give away.

Also, we’ll take a look at some of those freebies. I’m going to show you the big picture overview. I’m not going to get into working it, but I’ll show you what we do.

That way, you get an insight into it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is the concept.

Freebies overview

When you go to our freebies page on backstage income, we have a lot of these freebies or books that you can get.

Sometimes you can use them in email marketing when it comes to paid items. I mean something like on Facebook or any ads that you create. You can do these giveaways.

When people click it, they enter their email address, and then they get this freebie or goodie. That’s what I’m talking about and referring to is these email marketing giveaways that you’re looking to create.

What it takes to create freebies?

These do take a little bit of time to make and create. Often I’m creating most of them or at least a template or the structure. And sometimes I have my team that’ll help me out creating these.

I don’t have the luxury or that time. Sometimes I’m focused more on course development. I’ll show you the process that we use.

The entire process of creation

We go through the same procedure and process. First, we have an idea Bank. Now that idea Bank is long, and I’m not going to show you that.

Then we decide:

  • what do we want to execute
  • how long is it going to take 
  • I start making rough ideas for the files

Example – Video Formula That Converts

I start creating a cover, and the cover is looking something like this.

I create an idea for the PowerPoint, and that is what we use. Once I have the template for the PowerPoint, then we write the items.

We do the initial design. And then my team member or I will create a text file, and we put it in. After that, we’ll run it through Grammarly to double-check it.

You can see we don’t use like any important or big tools. There’s a lot of InDesign tools or other crazy great tools that you could probably use for development. However, we keep it simple.

A Tiny Downside You Need to Hear

We’ll create a Master File. That way, when we write text in the content, it shows up well. Now the downside is we have to rearrange things by section. Some of the other big tools like InDesign will open and expand those things for you.

For us, it’s something that we can live with. We’re typically doing under 20-30 pages. Sometimes the manual part is easier.

We’ll move it around, and then if we need to adjust everywhere, we can do that.

Let’s say the typography needs to be changed everywhere to one font size larger. You have to do it at every single point which takes time, and it’s annoying. But using simple tools like this accelerates our process.

Everybody knows how to use PowerPoint. At least in my team. And it’s a software that’s more simple to use then InDesign. Whereas if you use things like InDesign, it’s more complicated of a software. That also means you need someone that you can pay a lot more because they have experience with that software.

Then for them to be able to change it, somebody has to have that software. Whereas PowerPoint, most people have that one.

I could almost give this opt-in thing to anybody. 

And we do this with all our other tools like:

  • Online business toolbox 
  • Youtube productivity hacks

You can set the dimensions to what you need. Also, you can move sections or lines.

It’s not that complicated. 

The last step of creation

And then eventually once we wrap it up, we finish up and finalize the cover. With Profitable Pinterest Niche Ideas, we initially started it with 50. And we ended up doing 225 – I think it is 230 now.

Because of that, we’ll change and tweak the cover. And then we’ll finalize it and save it as a PDF right there.

Once we save it as a PDF, there it is. It looks like a PDF, and there you go. From time to time, we can go ahead and add additional pages.

Let’s say you want to add a page at the beginning – you could do that. You want to add another page somewhere in the middle – we could do that as well.

That’s ultimately what we do when we’re creating our opt-ins. These things work well for us and lead generation.

There’re different books. If somebody’s getting passive income opt-ins from our site, we know they’re interested in passive income. Then we target them for passive income related things.

If they’re getting more email marketing stuff, then we know that they want more email marketing things.

It allows us to know and understand what that customer interested in is. You have a few people that’ll probably get every single one, and that’s fine as well. They’re very interested in the things that we have to offer.

However, a lot of times some people will be interested in traffic, and they’ll pick up some of the traffic things. Other people are more interested in making passive money online so they’ll pick up those kinds of things.


That’s our necessary process of how we create opt-ins and freebies using PowerPoint as a baseline. You can see I don’t make it that complicated.

Maybe, later on, an inside day on backstage income I’ll show you how I go about doing that. But for now, I wanted to show you the big picture process.

If you haven’t seen some of my inside day videos, it’s me doing some work to showing you how I go through the day or a specific task.