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Transferring Domains from Godaddy to PorkBun #insidebsi 7

Hey, this is Sasha Evdakov.

I’m trying to move some names from GoDaddy the domain registrar to PorkBun. The whole reason behind this are the fees. You’re always looking for operating costs when it comes to a business.

And the second reason is with PorkBun you get free who is privacy. It’s one of the things that I do like and privacy these days is always nice to have.

You get for absolutely free privacy that’s always nice. 

Something more about PorkBun

Here’s PorkBun. It’s one of the cheaper domain name registered out there. I haven’t heard of it before. I had it for a few months now it seems to do quite well.

Let’s type in some extensions. The price is $6.96 per year – renews at $8.56. They do a good job with this.

What about Godaddy?

Recently I got an email from GoDaddy. I’ll show you here some of my domains here are expiring. In my case it was around $17 to renew.

The GoDaddy always give you that first year free. We’re not free, but I have a discounted rate.

And then after that it’s going to be quite pricey. Take a look here. You’re looking at $2.99. That’s how they get you – $2.99 for the first year. And then $17.99 after that.

They raised the rates. I remember when I used to do this it was like $9-$12 and now it’s getting to be $17.99.

If you’re part of the domain club membership (which i think is like multiple hundreds of dollars) then you can do it in bulk. They give you a price break, but you have to pay for a membership to get it at discount.

It’s like having an extra card when you go to the store just to get the regular things on sale. Even though they’re always like that. This is why I like it simple. I don’t need any special deals, discounts, and coupons. 

This is what I’m doing

You can see all these authorization codes. That’s the way you move them over. I’m not going to block that. Beacause once the domain has moved, its moved. You’re not going to need that authorization code anymore. Because it’s going to be locked. 

First step:

You have to first unlock the domain. The first thing you do is you unlock it. 

Let me go back here and I’ll just show you. You can see right here it’s locked and unlock. Right now this one’s unlocked and if I move it and then it’ll be locked.

You just click it and it’ll lock it. I’ve unlocked the ones I want to move. Then what I’ll do is I’m going to show you how I do one simple transfer here.

I will do the website podcast color which will be offering for podcast editing services within my team. That’s because they need some more things that they like to do.

All you do here is once you scroll down, you say you get your authorization code. It’s been sent so we have an authorization code that was sent to one of my emails.

I always like to separate some of these email things. I don’t use the same email for everything. It’s for safety. If somebody hacks your email then everything it’s gone.

Anyways, they send you an authorization code. In the meantime you type the domain right here. I’m going to type

Then you’ll take this authorization code that’s enclosed. In this case, it’s fairly long and lengthy. You just paste that in there.

I’m going to hit submit. Once you’re done you add transfers to cart and go through checkout.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m building and bulking these things up. You could do a bulk entry form, but I’m doing it one by one. That way everything’s moved properly and accordingly. And it makes the most sense.

What are The Advantages?

The price makes sense. It’s fair priced. The number two – whois privacy. Here’s the difference and this is what I’m talking about when you’re going in for a privacy.

Do the following. You go to WHOIS. I’ll show you one of ours that we have. Let’s say you go to

It’ll tell you here’s the name servers and then it tells you the registrar and so forth.

It doesn’t tell you a whole lot of information. I could find one on Google WHOIS versus privacy. There you can see there’s none of my personal information.

But when you look things up what it’s going to show all these contact informations that you put in on the Registrar. It’ll have your full name and address. Also, there is phone number. That’s the issue. If you don’t have privacy enabled nowadays it’s bad.

Here’s my point

Take a look at what I’m talking about.

Here’s a good comparison. Without it, it’s going to show your name, address, email address and telephone number. With it it’s just going to show the company and their phone numbers and then they will forward you that email.

That’s my whole point. With GoDaddy imagine if I add this to cart and also want to do privacy and everything else. In that case it adds another $10 per year. That means you’re looking at $30-$40 depending on renews, one year two year deals and so forth.

If you do a one-year domain, you’re starting yourself up at $21. If you’re doing a two-year domain you’re at $41.

Whereas when it comes to PorkBun to your domain they give you a break on the first one. It’s under $7 and then after that it’s $9 a piece. You’re saving over 50%-70% savings. It’s huge especially for something that renews.

You have to think about it in a business sense. Ask yourself what makes business sense? 

And they still have all the two-factor authentication.

The downside for me is I don’t get any affiliate commissions for recommending pork bun. You can go to backstageincome resources and find Godaddy and you get comission.

I’ll add PorkBun because I like to recommend things that I use and not just because I make affiliate Commission’s on them.

You can see it now.

Final Thoughts about Godaddy and PorkBun

That’s my whole thing. Some people sat that the interface on GoDaddy might be easier. They have better customer support.

I would say because they have a 24/7. PorkBun is not as good at that, but the reality is it’s rare for me to call a domain registrar.

Once you’re set up you’re pretty much good to go. I did use GoDaddy. Now we’re moving to PorkBun. I’ll have to update this resources page, but it gives you an idea of why especially for the privacy it just makes the most sense.


I’m going to continue to finish up these domains. Should take me another five minutes and we’ll be all done. Just go through the check out domain should be transferred.

Otherwise it keeps all your DNS. It keeps all your websites up. There’s no down time. It’s pretty simple to go through the process and check-out process security wise. They have the two-factor authentication.

The interface maybe is not as nice they don’t have a 1-800 number that they pick up like GoDaddy is very quick at that. That’s probably what you’re paying a little extra for with GoDaddy.

But otherwise the privacy you just can’t beat it and many other things with the price. It’s just with 50% (and more) savings, it’s a no brainer for me on a business sense.

The amount of work to do the transfer just takes a handful of minutes.