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How To Use Dictation Software To Write Your Book | Speak Your Book – Don’t Type It! #BSI 13

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Right now I want to share with you the concept of using dictation software to write your book. You’ll learn to speak your book instead of typing it. It’s a lot faster to talk than it is to type.

Many people out there can type pretty quickly. Maybe 75 words per minute or it could be 120 wpm. But the thing is when you speak you can speak at an average pace of 150 words a minute.

If you’re an auctioneer, maybe you can achieve 200 wpm. The great thing with writing a book through dictation software is that you can relax, take it easy and allow the software to type for you.

Of course, the software does make a few mistakes here and there. But the first point in writing your book is to write. You have to get your idea on paper or in this context – in your digital software.

I want to share with you how I go through this process and show you how quickly you can go ahead and write out and pump out a book.

Benefits of Using Dictation Software for Writing

Honestly, using dictation software accelerates my book writing process every time. You’ll have to go through it and edit it multiple times. Like you would do with any other book. But the main benefit of speaking your book rather than typing it is that process allows you to continue to flow the information.

If you’re typing, you’re making mistakes, and you’re trying to edit throughout the process because you have that lag time. Whereas when you speak if you’re always in the flow and you keep things going.

Be aware of the thing that you may pause from time to time to take a breather to think about some ideas or thoughts. And some thoughts maybe as you’re speaking don’t even make any sense. You’ll have to go back and rework that paragraph, but otherwise, it’s much faster than just typing it.

There’re two ways you can try if you want to write your book using dictation software.

First Method – Dragon Naturally Speaking Dictation Software

What you have to do is go ahead and hit a hotkey, and when you start speaking here, the software will begin typing for you.

You’ll notice that you don’t have to slow down or wait for the software to catch up. You keep moving through and let it all your thoughts free. Also, you’ll notice that it will take a few seconds for it to type all of what you have to say.

You will have to add some things as:

  • comma
  • period
  • capitalize letter
  • exclamation mark

But that is a small price. I typically use a SublimeText while doing this. Because when I use this, it allows me to get away from the Microsoft Word editing process. What’s more, that helps me to focus on writing, and that helps me to focus on getting my idea on paper or the page.

Second Method – Use Your Smartphone

If you don’t have Dragon NaturallySpeaking that’s fine, because most people have a cell phone. So, you could use your phone, open up your favorite program and start making things happen.

It could be an email program. Then you can go ahead and start writing. Hit the microphone, and as it starts listening to your speech, it will write your book without the software. You may need to do this in multiple segments with a phone because it doesn’t have as much RAM or memory. Or it doesn’t allow you to write long pages.

Whatever the case might be, you can still make significant progress in a short time. After that, you could email it yourself and combine it and put it all together. You can see what it looks like if you use a smartphone for this task.

As you can see, it did make a few couples of mistakes here and there. But overall, you know you’ll have to tweak this and sometimes as you speak you will spot some additional irrelevant words (such as So, Well, And). And after that, you delete those.


I hope you found this video helpful and insightful. You see how quickly you can go out and write your book by dictating it. And you don’t need to have special software. Even if you have something like a smartphone, you can go ahead and write your book quickly just by typing it in there.

You can combine it with your word program or whatever works for you. Because it’s important to jot your ideas down on the page or the digital format. And, that way, you could go ahead and get to the next step as fast as possible.