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Creating a Call Log: Better Connections with Your Leads and Customers #insidebsi 10

In this post, I want to share with you a customer call log. If you don’t have one, you’ll probably start one eventually as you get more customers.

We went ahead and started one not too long ago to give you some thoughts on how to evolve and expand your business.

The thing is that we use this with Airtable. If you need an airtable link, be sure to check out our website and take a look at all the resources that we have.

Way of creating a Call Log

I need to reach out to people. I might leave voicemails, and people might leave emails, and then they leave their phone number.

Sometimes people are not ready to buy. It’s like buying a car. If you purchase a car or you’re looking to buy a car some people are ready in a week. Other people are just browsing around – might be prepared in three months.

It’s the same with purchasing anything (a cell phone, a house). It takes a little bit of time. And sometimes it takes multiple follow-ups. 

My way is to put their name, phone number, their email, and then the attempt number. If I’ve attempted once, twice, I spoke to them. The last time we call, the next call that I would think we want to reach out to them.

Because what happens is let’s take this one for example. This is a formula that I created. We put instead of 7/3/2019, we go to 5/3/2019, and you can see it’s overdue.

I need to know, and I can filter these by any call or anything overdue. And here are the notes that I’ve taken or maybe notes that they’ve taken.

Those notes you want to include in there. Notes from the last time you talked to them. And eventually, once they’re done, they might get added into as a client or customer.

Follow up Call Log

This is like you’re preparing them, you’re answering their questions, and you’re reaching out. It’s just kind of a follow-up call log that you may need to connect with a customer.

You reach out to people, and if after four or five attempts you can’t get ahold of them you might get them out of there. It’s a dead lead.

Otherwise, it’s good to follow up with people. But how do you know when to follow up? You could always write it down in your notebook, and that’s fine.

However, as this continues to build, it gets a management nightmare. This gives you an insight into building out your customer CMR.

These are the people I need to reach out to. These are the people I need to contact. And eventually, they might get moved into another group. Maybe they will become a coaching client, or they need something with podcasting.

Or maybe they need an e-book service. Those are some of the things that we do within our business. If you go to, we create e-book covers. We do podcast editing services as well for them.

You sometimes have to call and follow up with people and get in touch with them. And this is one of the ways of doing it.

Final Word

Here’re things to think about. Maybe for you if you have a good following and follow-up sequence that you need to deal with other people.

This can give you insight. If you have a better way of doing it, feel free to share it in the comments below.

It’s important to add people in here and then moving them out regularly. As you need to deal with fewer people, you can move them out and move them to another area.

In that new area, they’re already a paid customer, and now you maintain the relationship. That’s the way we’re creat connections with our customers.