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How to Create New Blog Content Easily with New Themes or Filming Style #BSI 14

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Today I want to share with you how to create new content, new blog content or new YouTube content by looking at these three main things:

  1. Story
  2. Angle
  3. Case study

Using this technique, you can start creating new content in all sorts of different mediums that you want.

This post is a little bit different than others that I’ve shown in the past where we talk about question words strategy (why, when, how, what) and those kinds of things.

We’re here to take a look at these three main differences and try to use it to produce compelling new content.

What Do I Need to Know About The Story Part?

Well, I want you to think a little more about how you receive news. Let’s say a fireman rescued someone out of a burning building. The stories are the same, time and time again.

Of course, they’re slightly different. They might have a different angle or a different twist and time. But, hurricanes have happened in the past. It’s very similar to the past. And that content is all the same, every single time.

You can make every story more interesting if the angle and case study is a bit different.

Let’s take for example this topic – saving money.

If you have a blog about saving money or personal finance, this is what you can come up with:

  • How kids are saving money for the college
  • How Millenials are saving money
  • How 20-30 years olds are saving money
  • How 50+ people are saving money for medical bills

You get the picture here. You can come up with different stories, and you can create new content pieces by looking at the different story segments.

If your blog is about saving money, you could look at these different types of stories. Now if you want to go to the next level pay close attention.

The Second Level – What to Know About The Angle Part?

I want you to look at a different angle of this – when it comes to previous examples. You could take any one of these and expand it out and look at another aspect.

This is what your thought process should look like:

  • How are parents helping kids save
  • How are kids helping other kids to save money for college
  • How skipping treatments working out for 50+
  • How are their kids helping their parents deal with medical bills

You can notice how many angles we have right here. What you are doing is you’re warping this story into a different viewpoint.

And now we could take this to the next step which is looking at case studies.

The Third Level – This is Why Case Studies Can Make Your Content Better

This is the time when you need to mix things and use it all you have in your disposal. Use a story, angle and add something extra. Give your audience something like this:

  • How can kids save money using this app
  • How John helped to save money for his sister college
  • How Suzy is saving money on her medical bills by moving to Canada
  • Mark is using this website to save money in a certain way

You’re spanning into these main segments to have a story as the big thing, angle and a case study because this is what you need if you want to create high-quality content.


If you do it this way, you will have a little department of ideas from which you can start pulling things from and creating some great new content. Again, this is a little bit different than a strategy with question words (why, how, who, what, where).

What’s important is that taking these three segments will allow you to create 15-20 pieces of content without overthinking. I hope you found all of it helpful and insightful to looking at your content and seeing how you can expand it successfully.