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How to Create More Video Content When Don’t Have Much Time + Still Dominate! #BSI 32

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What I want to share with you is how I create more video content or more content when I don’t have a lot of time.

I know that when you become a parent when you have kids your time gets crunched.

I know even we do have some daycare and people that help us out looking after the kids we still only have a few hours to work. Let’s say hey you’re getting kids ready for school. You have a couple of hours to work then take a lunch break. A couple of hours to work and the kids are back, and you have to spend attention time there. So you might only have six to eight hours work. Or even you are single and workaholic. You might have ten fourteen hours to work per day, or you might be working much more.

If you have a limited amount of time or if you’re working a secondary job there’s not enough time to get things done. So how do you build a business? How do you create more video content? How do you blog more when you don’t have that much time.

I’ll share with you the way that we’ve been doing. A method that I’ve been looking to try. And do this a little bit more to create more content that’s stemmed and based on documentation.

How to Document a topic?

So if we look at here, I’ll show you my Youtube channel real quick. The YouTube channel for Backstage Income.

So when you watch the video at the top of this article,  You will learn how I document a’t-have-much-time-still-dominate-bsi-32109

What I’ve been doing is I create a little bit of a mini-channel. And this mini channel not a channel but a mini-series that’s called inside days and it’s inside BSI. I put them out. Every Monday or every Tuesday and it mixes. I don’t always put them out every single week, but I’ve been starting to play with it. And It is a lot easier way to make content.

We do kind of the BSI or backstage income videos. I schedule them in advance so when I have time to film I pre-scheduled those.

Check out the resources there, and you can see all the resources that I use. I do a quick little intro here, but I’m doing the setup and the work.

I’m documenting what I need to do — get it done for the actual business, and the setup. You can see hey here’s me putting in the fields. I’m doing the work, setting up and when done, then we use within the business now. I may change it, later on, let’s say a month down the road. I may replace one of the fields.


The initial process right here is I went ahead. I showed the audience which one will be released. Or what I already published in time. I kind of also sometimes prefilm those things depending on the workload that I have. In other words, if you have some documentation that you can do, and you can document your life.

Examples of Documentation

For example, A parent starting a youtube channel. Rather than talking about parenting in a room without the kids. Sometimes what other people do. They were documenting themselves parenting their kids with video cameras. That way you can see what’s going on or what’s happening. It is good content if you have kind of a kid channel or a parenting channel that you’re you’re going through it.

Another, If you’re a car salesman and you’re trying to sell cars, well it’d be good to document saying. Hey, these are the new cars that we have. Go ahead and have the opportunity to post that on your blog. You can also explain the process of what’s going on. And what’s happening or as you’re doing the work, and doing the paperwork.

It’s an interesting dynamic. When you do the documentation, it allows you to build that connection with the audience. And also produce more content.

The Advantage of Documentation

If you’re limited on time give this approach a try and see if you can find a way to document things. You don’t have to record everything especially privacy issues involve.

The convenience of doing documentation is 2 minutes long. It is to be able to take care of something swift if you can find a way to do that. It allows you to build, create, produce more content. Then spread it and connect to your audience.

You can convert video content to text, podcasts other forms of content. Continue to evolve and grow your blog business online

I hope you got an idea out of it about how to build, develop and improve your blog online.