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How to Always Create Fresh New Content for Your YouTube Channel #BSI 9

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I want to share with you how to create and grow a profitable business. Today we’re going to take a look at how to always create fresh content for your YouTube channel.

It’s best to start with understanding a few basic concepts, which is focusing on the questions or the cues.

Everything You Need Question Words Can Provide

I’m going to share with you some great questions and the process of creation. It’s all about using the letter W.

There are a few others as well that create questionsĀ (such as the word DO), but if you start with this, you’ll get a good grasp and understanding of what I’m trying to achieve here. You can generate a lot of content on just a single subject matter, topic or point.

Let’s take a look at one individual topic at the time. If you’re looking to grow your YouTube channel you can turn that into many different content pieces (15 or 20) or headlines. This is how it works.

Examples of THE WHAT

Here are a few headlines that I’ve come up with right now:

  • What are the five ways to grow your YouTube channel fast
  • What are the things professional YouTubers do to grow their channel
  • What are the things most people do wrong when growing their YouTube channel

You can see we’re using the word what because it answers the question to the audience and viewer.

When it comes to the third one – Target audience is people that are searching for wrong things or problems that they don’t want to run into in their business.

You can see just from THE WHAT you have three different videos about growing your YouTube channel.

Examples of THE WHY

Let’s take this a step further and use our imagination a little bit more:

  • Why most people fail to grow a YouTube channel
  • Why growing a YouTube channel is not easy for most people
  • Why your YouTube channel growth is related to your motivation

You could talk or discuss regarding growing a YouTube channel. Also, you could talk about the reasons, and you could compare, contrast things and link them together.

This way of thinking gives you a wide variety of options.

Examples of THE WHO

The next one is variations to THE WHO:

  • Five tricks to grow your YouTube channel from five professional youtubers.
  • The top 10 YouTube channels to follow to grow your YouTube channel fast

Examples of THE WHERE

There’re a couple more examples on THE WHERE you can use to spark your idea:

  • Where you can promote your YouTube channel for free
  • Where to access the most searched YouTube search terms to create videos and grow your channel

Other Useful Examples

You can see that there could be a lot of different variations you can use or make up on your own.

Another one could be:

  • How top ten youtubers grow their channel.

There’s an unlimited amount of content that you can create. Just open up your mind, and be creative.

Start with the main subject, tweak things a little bit and you will make a question in no time.


We’ve just come up with 15 to maybe 20 different headlines and variations. And what’s more, all of that is possible only by looking at a simple piece of text of growing your YouTube channel.

Next, you want to answer these questions to your audience. And, that way, you will never run out of ideas. I hope you found it helpful and insightful for your YouTube channel or creating your blog posts.