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What Does it Cost to Start a Blog Business Your First Year?

Starting a blog based or online business is much more cost effective than entering into a brick and mortar store or a physical place where items will be sold.

How much does it cost to have a blog based or online business?

  • Web hosting: $120 / year
  • Domain name: $15 / year
  • Designer: $500
  • Equipment: $500
  • Content: $300
  • Software: $200
  • Mailing Service: $200
  • TOTAL: $1,835


Of course, you could eliminate or tweak some of these costs (maybe you already have equipment or software, or you know how to code your own site).

It really depends on the type of blog-based or online business you’ll be starting and what you need it to do for you. A good rule of thumb is to budget about $1,500 for the initial set up for your business.


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