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7 Types of Blog Content That Attracts More Clients! #BSI 20

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Hey, this is Sasha and today I’ll share with you how to build and grow a profitable business.

We’re going to take a look at the seven types of blog content that attracts more clients.

That’ll be our core and our focus in today’s lesson. Now I want to start listing off some of these things for you.

1. Selflessly Share Your Personal Stories

Your personal stories are things that you might share with the audience. It gets them to connect with you one-on-one. That creates a sense of friendship, and it gives a feeling of connection. Also, it builds that relationship a little bit further.

Go ahead and share a personal story, something that you did or your basic routines (travel stories, workout stories). Doing so, you’ll build a deeper relationship with the audience.

It’s not necessary that the audience has to enjoy coffee or traveling or kids or dogs or pets – it’s just that when you have a routine or a connection with people, your audience will find it interesting and build a stronger relationship with you.

And that’s really what personal stories do – they build that connection level even further.

2. Give Away Insight into Your Income Reports

This implies sharing a little bit more personal information – in the sense of your business. So, if you’re sharing things like income reports it could be anything that’s successful or something you’ve done. That also builds a little bit more of a connection or relationship.

I find this useful in the blogging sphere where they’re doing a lot more coaching, and then they go ahead and share their income report.

Sharing that personal data can build a connection to where people continuously come back to visit your income reports to see how you’re progressing. Because they want a win with you or go along with the journey or maybe they’re trying to mimic and replicate what it is that you’re sharing within those income reports.

These have become very popular over the last few years, and if you’re sharing income reports, it just brings a little bit deeper of a connection to your audience or a future clientele.

3. Present Stories about Your Clients

If you’re doing any coaching or successful things that create winning situations for your clientele – then share those with your audience and with your customers.

Because what’s going to happen is that if you have a client’s story, you can attract your audience attention. Maybe you could share something about that client where now they get to see and understand how did you end up helping this other person. In that way, they will find out how did it actually end up working for them and maybe they can relate a little bit better in that case.

Imagine the following scenario.

Your audience might be in a different business. Or, might have an entirely different problem than your client. It can be anything.

However, they can use all that experience in their advantage. They can learn using different types of words, different types of communication and while doing so, it might have a positive impact on their business.

All of that allows you to build that connection even further by sharing a little bit more about your clientele.

Something like their success, problems, struggles, what they had and maybe by just doing it in that different way will connect to a new group of audience.

4. Be Comfortable Revealing Your Process (Personal Stuff)

The revelation of your process is an excellent strategy if you have a flow, a procedure or a unique way of doing things. Or maybe you have something different, something unique because people are interested in that.

They want to see what’s your strategy, what is it that you’re doing that’s different. How is it that you’re doing this and becoming successful? Show what’s a little bit different than other people do. That’s what is attractive to other people.

You don’t have to reveal all your secrets or anything like that. But if you show the procedure or the step-by-step process of what you go through, you will make people happy. They love to see guidelines and that gradual process.

For example, it’s just like you’re putting together furniture. Or it could be just showing your process of getting a degree.

There are procedures and processes, and a lot of people like to see that structure. And if you can provide that structure, it makes things a lot easier to understand.

And, what’s more, all of that allows your future customers to convert over to you much more natural.

5. What You Don’t Do – Is the Key

If you talk about the things that you do, sometimes it’s also important to show things that you don’t do because it’s equally important.

Doing so, you could funnel the exact customer and client that you want rather than getting everybody. This way it allows you to eliminate the people that you don’t want to deal with in the future.

For example, if you’re trying to deal with people who are investing money and you’re trying to collect a group of funds you want to invest somewhere else.

Well, then it’s challenging to deal with a client who only has $100. It’s a probably better idea for them to go ahead and invest that money in a robotic or computer algorithm. Or maybe just put their money in an ETF and let it go “set it and forget it” kind of crock-pot manner.

Instead, maybe it is smarter (if you’re an investment advisor) to deal with people who have wealth or net worth of over $100,000. That may make things a little bit easier to filter out other people that are maybe working at minimum wage.

Because of one reason: those people you deal with aren’t worth the time. Anyways, make sure you tell people what you don’t do.

6. Don’t Forget Sharing Your Small Wins

For example, that could be your income reports. Also, that don’t necessarily have to be wins related to successful business. It could be just something personal in your life.

It could be something like stretching or working out. Or it could be health and fitness. Or maybe a class that you’ve done. Those little small wins also create a sense of personal connection but also it shows your capabilities. Besides that, it also shows things you’ve done and maybe some achievements as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are mentioning something personal or business-related. It’s just important to show people that you are capable of balancing those things out.

What they will get is a little bit of a friendship connection from you. But also, your audience is going to see your capabilities and competence.

7. People Love This: Give them a Look at Behind-the-scenes

People love to see behind the scenes. Now, I know sometimes it’s not always practical but if you can go ahead and share with people what it looks like when you’re filming. Or how things are in your studio, that could be great.

If you are sharing those behind the scenes things –┬áit will undoubtedly build a stronger connection with people. They simply become more comfortable.

If you give them an insight and they have a clear look at what’s happening – you can save them from bad feeling caused by some weird surprise or from something they didn’t expect.

And, that’s what is all about.

We all know that if you can show people behind-the-scenes atmosphere, or just how things works that naturally attract that ideal customer for you. So, don’t hold back.


Share with your audience as much as you can. But if you think you can’t – well, do this: Share a video that at least explains how things would work. In that way, you will give them a behind-the-scenes feel. You can be genuinely confident that they will appreciate that as well.

I hope you found those seven content types helpful and that you can use all of that for creating new content for your business. It can even spark some ideas that are unique to you. So, make the most of everything you’ve read throughout this post and feel free to share your experience with us.