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Connection: Bringing Business People Together and Networking

I would like to share a technique to better your business and your life – it all starts with connection.

A lot of people want to make connections when they first get into a business. They want to connect with someone with a higher value, so they can work off one another and add further value to the relationship.

One-Dimensional Relationships

Most people think of these relationships as one-dimensional. They want to connect with more people, gain more Twitter followers, and go to events and seminars. This may help, but they aren’t creating deep connections…

To make my connections deeper, I like to take two of my outside connections (that don’t know each other) and bring them together. This allows these connections to build. The tie and common ground between these connections is me.

Deeper Connections

Don’t always think of adding value only to yourself. You can add value to your outside connections and become their common ground. It helps elevate the connection and create a broader, stronger relationship.

Many people only make connections at the surface level. They don’t think about bringing their external contacts together.

For example, if you have a group of dance friends and a group of yoga friends (that don’t know each other), think of how you can bring the two groups together. The same principle goes for your business as well!

Think of how you can connect your construction team to your IT team, and so on…

Once you start thinking in these terms, your connections and life will be elevated. People will be able to build off one another and relate it back to you!

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