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Why Compare Your Product’s Price to Something Your Customer Can Relate To

You should always compare your product’s price to something tangible that your customers can understand…

As customers, we aren’t very good at relating things to a dollar amount or currency. Instead, we are much more emotionally connected to something physical or tangible.

If I came up to you and said, “I’m willing to give you a massage for $7.00 which is less than the price of a cup of soup” – you can relate. Compare the relative price of a cup of soup to the massage. Which would you rather have?

Most would likely choose the massage. Offering quality massage services with similarity in price to a cup of soup shows the massage is a great deal.


You can use this strategy for low and high price items. You can offer a low price item for under $10 and stress that your item is cheaper than getting a sandwich from a restaurant. Apply the same principle for high price items…

As long as your benefit or product exceeds the physical product you’re comparing to and it’s somewhat relative, people will begin judging and weighing their options. This is a great way to get inside their minds and get them thinking about what’s important.

Especially if you’re offering a product or service to people who have a problem or are struggling – your product (in comparison to a lesser important product) will weigh greatly on their minds.

Always remember to compare the price of your product or service to something physical in the real world. This will get inside the consumer’s mind and give them a tangible comparison.

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