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Building Credibility: Don’t Be Afraid


Credibility can be built in many different ways. I think that years used to be the typical norm of credibility. Now, most credibility can be built by having and proving your results.

It wasn’t long ago that you wanted someone that had 30 years of experience in a field and that is when you feel like you can trust them. It’s at that point where they are credible. But that isn’t the case.

If you can drive the results and have proof to back your claim – that’s what drives credibility. Build your credit by racking up good-will, fans, word of mouth, and proven statistics. This is a much faster growth plan for motivated business people.

If you had to wait for time to catch up to your 30-year mark to gain credibility – everyone would grow at the same pace and you would be old before you achieved real success.

Don’t be afraid to go after the things you want and to do it in a unique way.

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