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Broad vs Long-tail Keywords: SEO for Beginners Tutorial

Hey, this is Sasha and thanks for joining me here for another video lesson, and today I want to share the difference between broad keywords and long tail keywords.

When you’re looking at SEO or search engine optimization and you’re looking to pick keywords that you’re targeting, there is two main differences between broad keywords and there is the long tail keywords, those are the two that you have the choice of focusing on.

Broad vs. Long tail keywords

The quick and simple difference between these, if we take a look, if we look at let’s say a broad-based keyword, could be something like “logo design”, that’s just a broad keyword, It could even be “logo”.

The long tail keywords on the other hand, if we’re looking at long tail, this might be something like “Tampa logo design”, so if you’re looking for logo design in Tampa, or if you’re looking for logo design in, let’s just say Sacramento California, these are more specific long tail keywords.

That’s kind of the main difference, they’re more specific, you could say “Sacramento, California logo design” it’s just getting more specific.

The way that this really works out is, if you take a graph and you start looking at things, the majority of people are actually looking to target the main keywords, logo design or design or web design, those are kind of the main things.

But when it comes to long tail keywords, what people actually do and as far as companies or search engine companies, is they are actually targeting their remaining little bit of percentages that are all the way over here and they’re targeting this little part, but remember that this part of all these long tail keywords is very specific and very targeted compared to this amount or this amount.

Long tail keywords are more targeted than broad keywords

It really just hones in and focuses on this long tail to be able to get specific into what exactly you’re targeting.

Because remember, somebody who’s looking for a logo design might want to sit down with someone in Tampa or in Sacramento or Los Angeles and do a design together, so that might be possible. Not everybody that’s looking for a logo design is really looking specifically for the thing that you have to offer when it comes to logo design, in fact, instead the long tail keywords, when you start looking at things over here, these actually may be more targeted and actually better than the broad over here.

That’s why it’s important that you take a look at things and focus on the long tail keywords, that’s what I personally recommend that you focus on because it’s getting more specific, it’s targeting exactly what you want.

And you see, if we go to the screen and I just simply search for “logo”, looking for a logo, there is logo TV, there is logo garden, there is a Wikipedia for what a logo is, a logo maker, this is software, a logo launch, a logo design love, the Atlantic about today’s logos.

Those aren’t very specific, so you have a lot of variations, from TV shows to custom logo designer, to software, to all kinds of different things when it comes to logos, to news stories, there is a lot of variations.

If I go to “logo design” and I start searching for things, again the same thing, you start looking for free logo design service, 99 designs, logo genie, but if I’m in Sacramento or Tampa or I’m in new york, there is no designer here that I can go ahead and say where is the new york designer?

Logo design in New York City. You’re getting more specific, now you can see already they are popping things on the map, because now they know I’m getting more specific.

Local New York City logo design company. That could be exactly what I’m looking for. If I open the tab right there and then I go to the website, let’s just see what it comes up with and pulls up.

We can see here is our logo design company, it’s in New York, we can probably sit down with the designers and go through and do a logo because you can see here is their pricing.

Again, you can see this could be exactly what I’m looking for, because actually maybe I want to sit down with someone and talk about things, but if you’re just looking for a basic design company or for logo design, it might not be targeted exactly for you.

Again, this is the same thing, blue fountain media logo design, you can see it’s in new york, so if I go ahead and open that up, you can see great box creative, it’s a custom logo design company.

The more specific, the better

All these are more specific, you can see right here to exactly what I’m looking for because it’s targeted to my location, so gain, the more specific that you can get within your keywords and keyword focus beyond just going broad, the better it is.

That’s ultimately the difference between searching for something broad or searching for something long tail or at least even targeting it, the same thing goes if you’re a roofer, if you’re a tile contractor, even if you’re a plumber, if I just search for plumber and there are all kinds of plumbers, here there might be some plumbers near my area, top 10 plumbers near Cincinnati, that’s currently where I’m at as far as this computer location is, but if I go plumber near Tampa Florida, now I get those plumbers.

If I go for let’s just say steel plumbers in Tampa Florida, now you get something completely different, because now I‘m looking for buying steel pipes for plumbing.

It all comes down to the specificity that you’re looking to target, and focusing on more long tail keywords will get you much better-targeted results if you focus on these types of keywords, rather than focusing on broad keywords because those people might be looking for something completely different than what you have to offer. Hopefully, this gave you an understanding and the difference between broad keywords and long tail keywords.


Thanks for joining me; I really hope you found it helpful in understanding the difference between a broad keyword and a long tail keyword. Ultimately your goal is to hone in and focus on the right target market and audience.

If you really have a lot of variations when it comes to focusing on a broad keyword, then by all means you can target it, but more than likely, I would recommend that you hone in and focus on more specific keywords which will be the longer term keywords because there is so many of them that you can target, and you’re still are hitting the target market or the target customer and you’re doing it in a more specific way that’s exactly to what they’re looking for, because that is how people are now searching for things. They are getting more detailed, more specific with information out there on the internet.

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