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Why Most Book Authors Fail and Never Make Any Money!

If you’re an author writing eBooks, regular books, etc. and you’re not happy with the sales – you’re not alone…

I have heard many stories of authors not getting the sales traction they need, and I want to shed some light on what you might be doing wrong. You may be thinking about it incorrectly.

Many people set out with a goal to write a book, sell it, and make all of their money from those sales. In reality, most money made from books comes from the backend. The money isn’t made from the sale of the book, but from things that come along in the future.

Book Used as Currency

Professional marketers will use the book as a currency. This ‘currency’ is used to a) get an email address or b) giveaway to gain credibility. Along with giving the book out, they gain customer contact information and begin customer relationships.

Building a relationship with the customer is the most important part. If a good book is given that adds value to a customer’s life, it’s likely that the customer will return interested in other products.

That’s exactly how consumers think. If we receive something we like, that works for us, that adds value to our life – then we want to return to those products or that author/company for more.


For example: You purchase a video game from Nintendo and enjoy it. You then are likely to return to Nintendo to purchase more games. Same goes from eating at a good restaurant, etc.

With this in mind, the same happens for a book. Authors think they’ll make all their income from selling books, but you first need to create a relationship and keep customers coming back for more.

One of the first books I authored, “Start Trading Stocks”, is out now. This book is approximately 200 pages and could be sold for an average of $15.00. I could make the book very cheap (say $3.00) and entice customers to purchase more frequently and see that the book truly adds value to their lives.


If my material adds value to their lives, they may want more of my material or want to take their education further. At that point, I may bring them to my video/DVD course that typically sells for $200.00. Most of my income comes from the back-end product (the video course) that is purchased after creating a valued relationship with my customers.


I could even offer a seminar over the material at some point. I’m taking it from a low-tier price point, to a middle-tier price point, to a higher-tier price point. It could continue on to private coaching, etc.

Many authors don’t understand this concept. Much of the income will come from backend products. Focus on future growth by adding value to your customers so they are likely to return and purchase from you.

This isn’t for the people looking for the ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme!

I hope this sheds light on the fact that your books are used as a currency to promote the backend products that will bring income.

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