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Why Automate Your Email Marketing: Passive Income on Autopilot with Your List #BSI 34

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We’re here to look at online tools and online businesses.

Today we’re going to take a look at why automate your e-mail marketing. I’m going to look at passive income on autopilot with your list.

Here’re basic questions:

  • how does it work?
  • how do you do it?
  • what is a fundamental concept of doing it?

Let’s start with e-mail marketing sequence

Take a look here on paper first, and then we’ll go on-screen. When you create e-mail marketing sequences what’s great about them is they can run on autopilot.

It’s automation, and anytime you can do something on autopilot that’s fantastic. That way, you have no work. However, it takes a lot of time, energy, and money.

Those are resources that we have available to create these sequences. But basically, the way that it works is this.

Let’s say somebody found your video on YouTube. We start with YouTube as a core, and then eventually you take them to link. This could be a website link. You can think of this as a funnel.

Overall it’s a link that they go to. Then they sign up to your freebie. This is where you offer a freebie or some gimmick. It’s a value proposition offering. 

It could be:

  • a PDF 
  • a course 
  • a tip 
  • a resource list 
  • a template 

You’re offering something in exchange for their e-mail address. You make that offer, you get that e-mail address, and now you can give them what you promised them.

Always give more than you receive. Give them what you promised them.

You have their e-mail address

You know they are interested in this thing. What’s their interest? Well, whatever offer you gave them.

Which should be related to the goal of what you’re trying to sell.

Eventually what you do is you give them something. Then you might give them more. Always give more than what you end up receiving.

You can do this 2-3 times.

The next thing is you might create an offer somewhere along the lines of here.

What about your offer?

You might share a story. And you might add more value, but eventually, you get to this part where you have this offer.

In the end, you have this offer sequence. That’s something that you’re selling. You say that you think this thing is cool and maybe you make a percentage on it.

Or maybe it’s your product. Let’s say out of 100 people, maybe ten people buy it, or five people buy it, or one person buys it.

The thing is now you make some money. Now again, you give more. You continue to provide value and continue to build a connection. Then later on, when you feel the time is right to take action.

Sometimes people are not ready to buy. If you’re looking for a car, you don’t buy it in a single day. Most people don’t. Some people do.

You need to understand that some people buy a car in three weeks, six months, or 3 days. Everybody is a different purchasing habit.

That’s why you’ll make another offer. It might be offer number two. You’re trying to sell. It could be the same thing. It could be something different.

Take people through the entire process

The thing is that you’re taking people through this loop in sequence.

And they have a starting point. You know their interest. And eventually, the more people that you can get in here on this YouTube video and the more people you can get to this link, the more e-mail addresses you will have.

You have this sequence that they go through. This sequence can be tweaked. Some people would make it more advanced.

They can make something like: If people click a link in here, I’ll send them a different set of e-mails.

You could do that. However, you don’t have to make it that complicated. If they open this e-mail, I could have more sequence of e-mails. If they open some other e-mail I know, they’re interested in that.

It’s possible to stem those things and make them more complicated. But you don’t have to. You could have one linear form.

The main advantage of automating e-mail marketing

This is what’s excellent about automating e-mail marketing. Once you have this established everything later is automated. The more people you get into YouTube, the more people that you can click on those links to get their e-mail address – the better.

You could have these offers set up for 10 20 years, and they continue to make money. As traffic comes in youtube, it goes ahead, and it continues the flow.

I’ll show you here how we’re doing it or a simple process to doing it.

This is our way of doing things

You can see our freebies and books page at

Once people get these freebies, I know what their interest is.

If somebody gets the local strategies book, I know they’re interested in local strategies. If someone gets the affiliate niches I know, they’re interested in affiliate stuff.

I could send them products that are affiliate related. I could send them products that are geared to make money online through affiliates. 

Whereas the person that’s interested in getting the local strategies might be interested in courses about:

  • local related strategies
  • local marketing strategies
  • local tutorials
  • local templates 
  • business cards

Everybody’s different. But once you figure out where they come in, you could build a funnel or a flow sequence.

Let’s say somebody subscribed right here they open up this e-mail course that they want.

We can send a second e-mail, give more freebie, more value and the third e-mail.

Then finally you could say: Here’s my offer!

If your price is a lot higher, then the average person can afford you might need to put in a few of these value getting e-mails.

Multiply this three times, and then you submit the offer. Then you could submit in a second offer.

After all of that, you can add in another offer. You don’t want to bombard them with offers, but what you’re doing is you’re stacking those things.

Want to make it more complicated?

You could add conditions that say if something was clicked in one of these e-mails.

Then I’ll split it, and those people get different types of e-mails.

If wasn’t clicked those people get a different type of e-mail – with a different subject. 

The sky’s the limit on how complicated you want to get and make this. I would say keep it simple at the beginning. And then tweak it a little bit at a time.

This program that we’re using or the e-mail marketing software is MailerLite.

Take a look at our resources page at backstage income.

You get a discount if you use our link. I get a discount as well. It creates a win-win situation.

Aweber is another excellent tool you can use.

The entire process of automation

As far as building a marketing sequence to make a passive income, this is how you do it. Once subscribers come in from your platform, you get them into subscribers.

You get them in here into the link, and they click that link. That means that they get this goody or freebie that you’re offering. And then that continues down the path. They get more e-mails.

In those e-mails when you’re making the offer you’ll either:

  • sell your product 
  • you’ll sell someone else’s product

Of course, you make a cut or commission, and that’s how you make money. That’s how you make passive money and passive income on autopilot.

Final Word

This is how money is made. And the more of these that you make you continue to make more of them with more websites. It continues to grow and evolve.

That’s how you do it on automation and autopilot. And this is why it is smart to automate your e-mail marketing.