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Book Business: Author vs Authorpreneur – What’s the Difference?

Hey, this is Sasha and thanks for joining me in today’s video. And today I want to share with you what’s the difference between an author and an authorpreneur.

If you’re looking to get into writing eBooks and making money from your eBooks, doing things back in the day, let’s say 50 years ago was much different than it is today.

Things have changed

Things have changed over the life cycle, the way that things are done in the book industry, and if you’re looking to make money from writing books, there’s a whole different approach to it, from the traditional mindsets that most people have.

The world has changed, and now the industry has changed. You have to adapt to be able to survive and be successful in the industry.

When you look to become an author nowadays, you are more than likely becoming an authorpreneur. If you’re looking to become successful in the book writing industry, and if you’re looking to make a living from writing books because it’s a lot different than just writing a book and putting it up back in the day.

Nowadays there’s just so much more involved in the book writing process, to the fact that it can be even overwhelming for some people that don’t have the technical skills, the knowledge or the know-how.

Let me show you on paper some of the differences between a general author and an authorpreneur. And maybe it’ll give you some insights on what are some of the tasks and skillsets that you have to create for yourself. Some of the functions and skillsets that you also have to learn and then incorporate to build up a successful business, whether that’s from writing eBooks or building a business from a book and taking that business further. Expanding that business from the book business model.


Initially, when you look back in the old ways when you used to be an author, all you had to do was write the book, and then you send it to your publisher and out comes the book.

You did have to do some other things beyond just writing. You might also have to do a book signing, and you might have to do some basic promotions, marketing, maybe a talk or travel and things like that.

But the majority of what your effort involved was, you write the book, you get a book and then your publisher would handle a lot of the other drama that goes along with it, a lot of the additional work.

Your primary purpose as an author was to write it, and then you get the book published and the publisher handles a lot of the other factors and things like that. So the barriers initially were a little bit easier, because you had one stable task and one main focus.


Nowadays, if you want to be successful in making your money, eventually the publisher then goes out and puts your books in stores and retailers.

Nowadays you have to become an authorpreneur. And what this means is, you’re not only writing the book. You have to write a book. But your next stage of the process is also to do the publishing. (We like to use CreateSpace for independent publishing)

The publishing also incorporates a couple of different things, and it could be an eBook, so you have to format that eBook or pay someone to handle that. Or you also have to create a print book, that’s part of publishing. The other thing that’s part of publishing, it could be an audiobook, that could be it.

The next part you might also need to do is part of the marketing process. You now become the marketer for your book. Whereas in the past, the publisher would do more of that. I mean, you might do some of the talking, the book signing, but nowadays you might need to have your website, you might need to have your email list, or social media following (Aweber is an excellent tool for email marketing. You have to be more social, more engaging in that way. You might need to go out and do some of those speaking things.

You can outsource some parts of the process

Sometimes you could bypass some of these steps and stages, for example, you could outsource some of this publishing part for a company, or get some middle person that could help you with, let’s say putting out an eBook, a print book and an audiobook.

But most of them do not do the marketing for you, so you’re still kind of stuck with the marketing part of it, or a lot more so, because back in the day, even if you look at the 1960s, you didn’t have websites.

There was no website, there was no email to deal with, there were not mediums that you had to go through of social networking that you had to go through, so there’s a lot less than you had to do. Because your main focus right here was writing.

You have to do much more than just writing

But now when you look at it, it’s beyond just writing that you have to do to become successful. You do have to write that book, and that book has to be great, but now you also have to become the publisher, and even if you don’t do this, you have to spend money to create these different formats, and even if you don’t do one, now you have one less distribution channel.

But then you also have to do the marketing for it, whether that’s a website, email marketing, social marketing, the speaking for it, all these things, you still have to do all of those things, and then after you complete all these things, that’s ultimately where you make your money.

There are a lot of other additional factors that go with this, because just like with building out a website, an email, you may need five different people just for this, with the publishing.

You might need a person who speaks your book, or a person that does the vocals for the audio files and then another person who does the publishing. The same thing with the print, you might need a designer and so forth.

You need to become an authorpreneur first

This, of course, you’re looking more at self-publishing, or an indie author, which is perfectly fine and ok, you could go to the traditional model, but nowadays, most people do not go this route, and that is only because the cost that’s affected for it is prohibitive.

The cost to get your book in a store now is just much more expensive and the only way that the publishers do it these days is if you already have a website, and email list that’s huge if you’ve previously been published in the past potentially and sold a lot of books.

It’s almost, and you need to become an authorpreneur first now, and then become the author. Because when you become that author, then you can go through the publishing agency and they’ll handle more of that. They take more of the profits because it costs more, but they’ll help you and manage more of that stuff.

But now you need to become more of the authorpreneur, because you have to have these channels, just because it’s more cost-effective now with the eBook formats, with the audio based and podcast formats. It’s just much more cost effective to get those things going, so there are much more competitions with books and books being released with print on demand that you start here these days, and then you get into the publishing world. Only because you can prove that you’ve gotten sales, the website, the email list and the following.

Ultimately that’s what you need to do, you need to become a writer, a publisher, and a marketer, to get your book distributed, and that’s how you become successful in the book industry.

Building up your business

Because then what you do is the following. As you start looking at building out your book business and industry and using your book as part of becoming more successful.

Let’s say you sell 10 thousand copies of your book. But this is a starting point to building out a business, to building out your structure within your business.

Eventually people will go to the next tear, and the next tear might be, you might have a course, or you might have a service if you’re doing roofing, you might have the service, but let’s just say the book is $13, the course or the service is, let’s just say $97. Now you might only sell, let’s say 500 worth of the courses or the service.

And then you get to the next stage, and then you might get into the seminar. If you do a workshop or maybe specialty clients, this might be more expensive, let’s say it’s $500 – $1000, but you might only get let’s say 100 people in that seminar or mastermind group.

And then eventually you could get into coaching or something almond those lines. And now you might get ten people per month or per year, but again, this is more expensive. It could be, let’s say $900 or $2000.

It’s all about moving forward

You continue to grow from one stage to the next step, but you use your book right here, your book is the core of building that business and to continue to grow that business.

Because as you build this platform and you build this stabilizing factor, or even you have multiple books, this is what allows you to go from one tear to the next tear to the next tear, to ultimately build out your business, because this is building that business that you have.

Once you have an audience, the publishers will want you

It’s all about reaching and moving forward to that next stage, but you have to deliver that as a platform now, and when you have that platform, when you have a significant audience, once this 10 thousand, let’s say it’s 10 million, now the publishers want you. They want you much more and they’ll help you drive that platform.

But initially these days, you have to become the authorpreneur, so that way once you become that authorpreneur, you can drive people to the next levels, and eventually you’ll become known, and they will want you, and then you can just become the author, and it’ll be a lot easier in that sense. But climbing that hill on the upward path, that’s the tricky part.

Use your book to get credibility

I hope you found this video helpful, because looking at things, you’re not just an author, you’re not just writing books, and you’re not going to be successful if that’s all you do if you write a book.

You can use the book regarding credibility; it does bring you credibility that “hey, now I have that book, and I have it in my hands, this is what I wrote, and this is the knowledge that I know.” That does bring credibility; especially it puts your foot in the door.

But then you take that to the next stage, you assume that credibility and you build on it, whether that’s a course, whether you’re looking to host a seminar, whether you’re looking to do coaching, it takes you to that next step. And it all surrounds yourself the marketing behind it, around doing those additional tasks to broadening your horizons, to increasing your exposures, from building a website to having an email list, to having a social media presence; you’re continually expanding things, kind of like a web online.

Digital books are replacing print

That’s what you want to do, especially nowadays with book prints becoming less and less available. Meaning with the digital books, the Kindle books, the eBooks becoming a lot more prevalent, there’s just so many more of the books coming out, and most of them are digital. Solely for the cost factor and also for what the users want. They want to download it right to their tablet or device and read it from there.

Look at it, where the industry is and that’s what you want to focus on, and then look at it from your business stand point and how you can take your business to the next step, and how do you take that customer to the next stage within your business.

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