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Analyzing Your Competitors SEO: SEO for Beginners Tutorial

Hey this is Sasha and today I want to share with you how to analyze your competitors SEO or their Search engine optimization strategies and just the way that they’re getting ranked.

Keep in mind, as we go through this video lesson that no search engine optimization or SEO analysis is really going to be perfect to analyze your competitors because different websites get ranked slightly differently just because the way search engines work.
Some of them get ranked very well for certain keywords because of their popularity, meaning the amount of backlinks that they have, others have done a great job at optimizing their keywords, and some of them just have a great social presence.

What’s the goal of your analysis?

There’s a lot of additional factors that go into ranking websites that you can’t really get from a full analysis, even if you use 5 or 10 different tools to analyze competitors, the key question is where is it worth it? Or how much time do you want to invest to really analyzing this? What’s the end result?

Because ultimately that’s the big question, what is it that you want to get out of this analysis? Do you want to figure out the back links, the type of keywords there are? or do you want to figure out open areas that you can maybe dominate in maybe a certain niche that’s maybe less saturated?

Again, going with a purpose when analyzing your competitors, because there are many different reasons to analyze your competitors, maybe because you want to get above their keyword or rank a little higher, in that case, even if you did everything exactly like they did, you still might not get ranked higher, you still might have a different domain, your site speed might be different, just a lot of different factors.

Keep that in mind, but I do want to share with you a few tools that you can use to take a look at your competitors, get some insight, and then once you have some insights it allows you to make some changes depending on what your goals are with your search engine optimization campaigns, or your SEO strategies.

Take a look at some of these tools that I’m going to share with you, most of them are free or at least have a free option to just getting a demo or a free trial, so here we are.


The first one that I want to share with you is MOZ and this is MOZ.COM/Reseachtools/ose you can really just look for MOZ tool or backlink checker, this one developed a high-quality inbound link check profile.

If I wanted to go ahead and just do an analysis of let’s just say a certain website, and let’s just pick a certain website here of a tile company or roofing company, and if we go through, we’ll just pick a certain company, let’s say this company right here, Mosaic Tile company, so I’ll just take this URL, I’m going to go ahead and just type that in, we’ll go ahead hit the search button, and what it’s doing is evaluating and then analyzing some of the results.

Already you can see some of the results are populated, the domain authority right there, spam, score, established backlinks, root domains, total links, you can see how it’s already being populated and things are loading.

I also have some results that are being loaded right here, so once I get rid of that limitation, you can see some of those results, and it shows you these links.

I can go ahead and filter some of these things by the types of links and if I want to just see what competitors are linking to my competitors or which websites are linking to these competitors, then I may want to reach out to those websites as well and see if they’ll link me or how can I build a partnership.

In either case, you can see it’ll give you some ideas, such as, here is a yellow pages listing, maybe I’d like to get listed in yellow pages, again, all these things will continue to show you the list of all the different links, and in that case you may want to take a look at where are they being linked and how can you also get linked in that area.

This is a nice little break down in this manner, of course you can play with this tool, there are some other things that you can take a look at, like here on the top left, there are the top pages, as you take a look at this tool, you can get analysis and evaluation on these things to maximize the link building, so again, analyzing the top pages, and again, you can see here is the data.

There’s also anchor text, linking domains; you can play with some of these things. The anchor text that’s being evaluated, most of the time it’s the company name, and it’ll give you some other stats and details.

Take a look at some of those things, there are a lot of other little reports that you can do, but this is one of the first tools you can check out, and it really depends on your business. If we do logo design business, and we take a look at, let’s analyze this one real quick, just to give you some insights of something a little bit different., you can see domain authority is 38, discovered page 17/60, page authority 48/100, there are 6269 total links, which is huge, and you can see there is 1 to 50 of the links are being shown right here, where they’re being linked from, and so on and so forth. Anyways, that’s the first tool.


The next tool that you can also look at is let’s just say this one, this is GTmetrix and this one analyzes your site speed, so if I go ahead and take a look at, what it’ll do is it’ll test some servers and you have to wait a little bit or this to go through and wait for the process, so I’m going to go ahead, just give it a minute and pick back up here in a second once the results are in, but in simple terms, usually the faster the results of your website, or the better loading time that it has, the easier it is for the search engines, because they can load it quickly and it helps boost your score as well.

It’s not the only metrics to get you ranked higher in search engines, but it all helps, all of these things work cumulative together, in order to get your rankings.

Here is our results and the results that we’ve got from this GTmetrix, obviously every speed test will be slightly different, but you can see page speed got an A, wide slow score got a 76 a C. Page details load time 3.4 seconds. Total page size is about 1 MB and requests.

You can see where things are also optimized, optimized images, that’s probably what you’ll want to do, it’ll tell you some of the thing that are working well, and loading quickly or some of the things that you may want to fix and correct, sometimes there’s too many pictures, so you can also take a look at some of the other things that they have here on hand with statistics and options and video, but that’s beyond the scope of this lesson.

Take a look at a tool like this to take a look at the speed and how quickly things load for your website because all those things will help with your rankings, with the search engines and so on and so forth.


Another tool that you may want to take a look at is actually and if I type in, what it’s going to do is evaluate and analyze that site. This again, talks about some back links, referring domains or referring IPs, it’ll talk about also some back links break downs, so follow, no follow links, anchor text, those are some of the things that I’ll take a look at, but what’s great about this is this is a general summary.

If you get into topics over here, you can get into some topics, referring domains, backlinks, anchor text, you need a free account for this, you can go ahead and sign up.

Inside this account, as you can see when I search for custom book cover design, you can actually look for keywords, you can just go into this and now you’ll see in Google here, some of the rankings and listings, it’s going o show you some of those page results, and also tell you the search score, it’ll tell you their referring domains, external backlinks, it’ll give you some additional things and data.

You won’t get the full data here because if you’re not fully subscribed, but it’ll at least give you the first 10, even if you look for, let’s just say custom logo design again, it’s another way to just really see these top 10 rankings.

What is this search score? You can see, search score tells you what the in title, anchor, URL and some other things, plus their multiplier. It gives them a ranking, it gives them a list, and it gives you some insight; again, it’s another tool giving some factors and statistics that you can explore.

Term Explorer

If you’re interested in keywords, then what you should do is take a look at this term explorer, you do need an account, but accounts are free to try.

If you look at bulk keyword tool, and again, let’s look for a custom book cover or a book cover design term. That’s our primary keyword, eBook cover design, we’ll do a quick little small job, we’ll start this and what they’ll do is take a few minutes and analyze these keywords, and again, it’ll give you some insight to these keywords.

Right now once this is finished you’ll see these listings come up and populate right here towards the bottom. Give it a minute and we’ll see after it creates this thousand list result.

You can see right now we have 81 that’s being loaded, right there you can see it tells you about the pay per click competition, average searches, average cost per click, those are some of the fields that it gives you, but again, let’s give it a little bit of time to load and take a look at this.

Once things are complete, you’ll see the done here at the top, but you can take a look and this will give you some ideas for some keywords, so eBook cover design, that’s the main one we searched for, tells you how many searches are there per month, it’ll give you the average cost per click, if you also look at the next keyword book cover, you’ll see it’s a little bit more searches per month, but it’s not as specific to what I’m looking for.

It depends on how you’re analyzing things sand what you’re looking to analyze for, are you just looking to get ideas for keywords? Or are you looking for keywords and seeing the cost per click? Because you’re looking for advertising campaigns, then in that case you might want to look at various factors. You’re going to look at this data sets differently than maybe some else.

But again, taking a look at this tool you can see how it’s done, it could give you some ideas for keywords, it’ll show you some competition, it’ll show you cost per click, if you’re definitely interested in cost per click, it’ll give you some of that insight for you.

KW Finder

Another tool you may want to take a look at is, this tool it tells you exactly at the top what it does, it finds long tail keywords with low SEO competitions, if I look for costume book cover design, or eBook cover design, let’s just do a quick little analysis and see what we get.

You can see here the results, and these results for eBook cover design, it tells you a quick little trend over the last 12 months, book cover, book cover design right there, it tells you the search amount, the search volume right here at the top, and it’ll tell you the cost per lick, pay per click, so I definitely like this tool a lot better than the term explorer, but you can see, it gives you a nice friendly list right there, again, that you can see some quick little listings of some keywords, some tools, some insights to the trend, what’s going on, what’s happening.

Ideally, what you would like is to see an upward trend, if you see a keyword where the trend is picking up, something like this for example, you can see it’s on an accelerated path to the upside, and this is maybe something that you’d like to target or paly on, in terms of you search engines or write about, or create a blog post about.

In either case, again, this gives you some insights to some keywords, and things that you may want to target.

Here are some things on the right as well that will give you some of the more popular websites and you can see here it gives you a domain authority, which is directly from MOZ. You also have page authority, which is coming from MOZ, so you can see many of these things are populated from the MOZ tool that we looked at earlier, but again, it gives you some insight in another way to look at some of these results.

Very nice tool, very handy, for doing some suggestions, some things to think about in order to brainstorm some content, look at the competition or look at the cost per click.

There’s another tool that I want to share with you, and that is the, if you look at it and I type in custom logo design and what I do is it goes to Google, search English, hit enter, it’ll give you some terms or words that you can brainstorm through, so you can see here, custom logo design free, app, service, online, prices, custom logo design maker.

If you do a logo design on its own, it’ll give you the broad range, if that’s where your starting point is, logo design free, logo design software, there might be somebody who’s looking for logo design contest, and if you’re writing about it, that will give you an idea, this is a content piece I want to make.

On this tool it doesn’t really give you the search volume or those kinds of things like the KWfinder, like it does over here, but it does give you some more ideas and it’s quick and it’s easy to use the tool, in that case, if you do want the search volume, you have to pay for that.

What’s cool about this tool is you can actually go into YouTube, so if I did logo design on YouTube, now you can see logo design illustrator, Photoshop, the process, software, they give you a lot more search-related areas because you can do the same thing on amazon.

If I go to amazon and I search for let’s say CPU chip, and now I’m looking for a CPU chip, what are some of the keywords that people are searching for? CPU chips, CPU chip holder, CPU chip set, case, those are some of the things.

How about computer case. You can search the amazon criteria here, computer case for laptops. For me, I’m thinking computer case as a big case that you install your computer in, but you have cases for laptops, where computer case fan, full tower, mid tower power supply, all these different things, you can search these different areas.

Especially if you’re making videos on YouTube and you’re looking to how to write an eBook, and now let’s see what we come up with, there’ll be things like 24 hours, a week, one hour, step by step, fast, and as you can see those are some suggestions that you can use.

Those are a lot of the tools that I have here on hand, and that I’ve used over the past and by all means, remember that all these tools are just guidelines and suggestions.

Remember, every tool is just slightly different, they cater and focus towards different things, not one single tool is going to give you the big picture of everything that you need to do to get ranked higher.

Keep your goal in mind

Always keep your primary goal in mind when you’re looking at these tools because, in the end, you could have a whole list of keywords, but what’s your goal? Is it to come up with new blog ideas or blog topics? Or is it to get ranked in better terms that are getting searched more often? Or are you looking to figure out which links the competition is getting linked from, so that way you can reach out to those websites or attempt to get linked from them as well?

Look at your goal first in mind, prior to doing the analysis of all these tools, because a tool is just a tool but some people make the most out of some tools because it depends on what you’re using it for.

Some people use paper for writing, other people use paper to create fantastic origami characters and creatures, so what is it that you use your tool for when it comes to search engines?

I hope you found some of these tools helpful into looking at some of the things that you could use to benefit your website or increase your rankings or just give you some things to think about as you analyze your competition. These are not the only tools, and tools may continue changing throughout your lifetime over the next few years, because they’ll constantly keep evolving, but this is just a starting point.

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