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Why You Don’t Need an Amazon Best Seller to Make Great Money w/ Publishing Kindle Books #BSI 39

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In this post, I want to share with you why you don’t need an Amazon bestseller book to make great money or a great living from your writing.

It’s all about thinking more vertically and a little bit deeper at how the book is used to funnel. You’ll learn how to use a book to take people to the next stage within your business.

You’ll help them in what they’re trying to do and accomplish. If you can help them get to the next level, then that’s where you can make even more money to sustain your lifestyle from your writing.

Making money with writing – the most common scenario

Let’s take a look at how most people do it when it comes to Kindle book writing and making money from Kindle. You’ll also learn why some people are talking that they can’t make any money from Kindle and others say they can.

On the one hand, it is about the more books that you sell, the better off you’ll be because you have a great starting point. But on the other hand, it’s also about thinking a little deeper beyond that.

I’ll show you a basic level of what people do. They might write a book, and then they look to profit from that book.

Then they might write a second book. That way, they have two books that generating income. You’re thinking of it in this way – linear fashion. That’s the case if you’re a regular general writer without thinking too much more in-depth about your customer.

You enjoy writing, and you love to write. There is a result – you’re making money, and it’s passive income. That all sounds great. You have the third book, and then you make a little more money. And that’s a normal healthy way of thinking about it from the first level or a fundamental level.

If you’re thinking this way, you’re going to need many more books and to make it living and sustain that lifestyle. Unless you can sell a ton of books. You need massive quantity here to get the ball rolling to maintain your lifestyle.

The price of a book could be anywhere between $2-$10. Some books are, of course, much more expensive. That’s a basic approach.

Business as a writer – higher level thinking

You don’t need a lot of sales if you think about it at a deeper level. 

At a base level, let’s say we have books. I’m going to draw a pyramid. A star is your pricing levels. Here at this pyramid, there are multiple levels that you take your customer through.

Books are the starting point. You’re still going to make money from those books. 

  • But what’s beyond books?

A book may cost let’s say a $10. 

  • What can you offer for $49 or $159?

It could be something like:

  • a video tutorial
  • a webinar 

They’re paying a little more money to get a little bit more you whether it’s a maybe even a signed book, a signed copy or a basket of books.

But, we’re not stopping there. 

  • What’s that next level?

Think about what you can do on this level and what you can offer beyond webinar.

A price range could be between $150-$300.

This could be something like a course. There’s a lot of video information courses out there. That could be the next level.

  • Beyond that what you can provide?

This could be something under $1,000. You can do a seminar – a live event.

You’ll want to keep thinking about these things because that is what is going to propel your business.

What can be at the top?

It could be something like coaching for the year. This could also cost a little bit more – $1,000 or more.

You can make more and more at each next level. Remember you’re stacking this.

The thing is that before even getting to the books, this is where your freebie stuff is, right below books baseline section.

Most people don’t understand this.

Anytime you do freebies (blogging, videos on YouTube), you’re always taking people to the next level.

This is what happens when you’re starting to think about things more vertical integration. You can see here we have a vertical thought to making money.

Our books are a foundational product whereas when you think at a basic level, you have to sell many more books. The main reason is if I sell a thousand books I’m only making a fixed amount – maybe it’d be $5000.

Some good news about vertical integration

Let’s say from a thousand sold books you get 400 people in your webinar. The higher up you go, the less people there will be. Then from those 400 people maybe you get 100 people that buy your video course. 

And maybe 50 people that attend the live event. At the top, you’ll possibly have five people that do your coaching. 

And now all of a sudden you have:

  • 50 people that pay you about $500
  • you have 100 people that pay you $200  
  • you have 400 people that pay you $50

You’re stacking more value and vertically integrating these things. You’re making much more money from this area as well just as much as down here.

Even though this base is so big from the books, this base (at the top) is as significant. It’s almost half of this base. Think about that. Half will come from fewer customers – half of your income. And that’s how you can make a great living from your writing or your books even if you don’t have an Amazon bestseller.

That’s what people do when it comes to affiliate marketing and that stuff. They are making much more money on the affiliate side, and that’s why they’re producing these books that are $2-$5.

They’re pushing people to that next step and the next level. You can still start out using the basic plan. That way is a good starting point.

And then once that builds up I want you to start thinking about the next level. That’s how you can sustain a comfortable financial lifestyle from your writing and using your books as a platform for the next stage. And all of that is possible without having an Amazon bestseller or selling a ton of books.

If you have five or ten books that sell and if you have an excellent upsell sequence and people convert very well from your books, then you should be fine.

Final Word

I hope you found it helpful and insightful about thinking more and more in-depth about your writing and making a living from your writing.

You have to think about the vertical integration within your books rather than writing more. That will help you sustain yourself financially.