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Why You Should Always Sell to People with More Money (or the Ability to Pay)

I want to give one main tip regarding your customer: always sell to customers who have more money than you.

Value Alignment

If you can do that, it will simplify merging your product value proposition with your customer. You always want to merge your product’s value with your customer’s value.

Some people try to target people who love to clip coupons and sell them a $100 coupon organizing notebook. However, the person clipping so many coupons probably can’t afford such a pricey coupon book. The value alignment isn’t there.

Instead, focus on someone who has more financial well-being than you…

Think of celebrities who purchase $5,000 diaper bags. They are literally paying thousands of dollars to carry around their baby’s dirty diapers!

Of course, that sounds ridiculous, but there is a demographic for that. People selling high-end diaper bags may only need to sell 30 bags to make up their yearly salary.

People like doctors, lawyers, investors, etc. typically have greater wealth than you. If you follow a similar demographic and sell a product with a high value, it will match your customer.

Too many people have a disproportionate value scale, and they don’t understand why they can’t sell. Find the market/niche with customers that have the ability to pay.

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