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How to Add a Help Desk / Ticketing System to Your Website (Teamwork) #insideBSI 3

Hey, this is Sasha.

In this post, I want to take a look at setting up a ticketing system.

I’ve looked at a few different plans. The whole point behind a ticketing system is when you get a lot of emails as I do here and you’re running a lot of websites you need some order.

Let’s say you’re running a ton of different websites and you’re running a couple of different businesses. Rather than cluttering your email like here as you can see there’s a lot of emails that are coming in.

Some of these questions are fundamental questions. It’s not that they’re bad questions. People either can’t find it on your website. Maybe they struggle with it. Perhaps they’re looking in the wrong spot.

There is a ton of questions – What to do?

You need to guide them on what to do. It might be a question about refunds. There might be a question about your customer support or your service.

Whatever the case is, there’s a bunch of questions that come in. There might be easy to answer, but the problem is to get the time to answer those and have the support takes a bit of time.

It’s always nice if you have another teammate or team member that can handle those. Unfortunately to do that all within the inbox it starts to clutter it. What I did with Google in the past was set up like labels or tickets and those kinds of things.

And when I did that, that allowed me to organize those things for the different websites that I run. It might be for backstage income, or it might be for traders fly website – which is about investing.

We get a lot of questions. People will fill this contact form out, and then that will come into my email.

Then I have to answer it, or somebody logs into my email and explains it for me. That can be a little bit more of a pain. 

That’s why I’m looking for a ticketing system. And I’ve looked at a handful. The one I’m deciding to go with this Teamwork.

Ticketing systems – which one to choose?

They’re all pretty good.

You have:

  • Fresh desk 
  • Groove
  • Help Crunch
  • Helpscout

The closest one that I liked was a Help scout. But the problem is if you have a lot of mailboxes you have to hop on to this plan at which $32 per user starts to get expensive.

Whereas when you look at Teamwork desk here, you can see it’s $7 a person. That is not bad. That’s annual. If you do monthly, it’s about $8.75.

And you get ten agents which are more than you need for a small team. But you get unlimited inboxes. And that’s a goal for me.

If you’ve got 10-20 websites, but then you got five people managing the customer support, that’s what’s important. There’s a lot of startups that are trying different things. And different websites seeing what works and what doesn’t.

How do you go about integrating this?

I’ve already integrated one mailbox, but you create smart mailboxes. I’ve created one mailbox here, and I’m still playing with it. 

Here’re all the inboxes that you have and you can configure all of these based on the aliases — and based on where you want to forward it to. But in either case, you create a mailbox, and anytime you generate a mailbox from here, it forwards it into that.

It comes into your inbox. I’ll add one in there. Let’s say our team inbox is Hello; this will be the traders fly website.

We’ll do Hello at, and we’ll click Next. 

You copy this code, and once you copy this code, we’ll go in and set up our mailbox. I’ll add this. You go to the settings and let’s say you add a forwarding pop email account. 

I’ll add a forwarding address. Now confirmation code has been sent there.

Once that confirmation code is sent, we’ll check this inbox so I can go to my dashboard. Here’s a confirmation code right here. I’ll verify this confirmation code.

After that, I want to put this back and verify on my email.

We got that now verified. Now what we want to do is we want to create a filter. We’re going to create a filter.

I’ll say to my email here hello at, and then we’ll create a filter. 

Check out these:

  • skip the inbox 
  • mark as read
  • apply the label (to tradersfly)
  • forward it to that mailbox

That means anything that comes into that email address is going to get forwarded right into this inbox right here.

If you go to the dashboard, I got now two inboxes. You can see here’s one inbox here’s the Rise2Learn inbox. I can have like 10-15 websites here.

Why don’t you use a Gmail account?

Well, as you’ve seen, it gets busy. The other tools you could use are other mailing programs. But sharing that and having another person answering your tickets becomes a little more problematic.

I did the setup. For me, I also need to set that email address up in my emailing account as well in Google suite. I’ll do that here real quick.

Let me send a quick email from one place to another. Usually, it takes a minute or two because remember there’s a couple of forwarding things that have to happen.

Some useful shortcuts and features

You can hit the D key for the delete, and it’s gone. 

Then as you start looking at your inboxes you can see a breakdown on:

  • what’s yours
  • what’s on hold 
  • what’s inside 
  • what’s waiting 
  • what’s spam

You can see the inboxes there. There are Rise2Learn and TradersFly.

All of these things work hand-in-hand.

I refreshed it so you can see there’s one that came in. There’s the TradersFly, so you can see as I zoom in here’s a quick test. You can see it came in right there and there’s a quick ticket. I can reply right back, and it goes right back into the person.

In this case, I would go back to me. This is all set up. You can see here I do have an error, so I need to adjust some permissions.

However, other than that, it was a pretty seamless and quick integration.

Final Word

That’s how I went about setting up my mailbox, and now we can have a sharing of customer support tickets. I can have a couple of different people that help me out on the website.

If you want to get a list of these tools that I have available check out the backstage income resources page.