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Why 90% of Businesses Fail in their First 5 years!

Why is it that over 80% of businesses fail within their first year, and over 90% fail within the first five years?

The fact is: getting a business started takes a lot of power, energy, and resources. Think of it in terms of a rocket ship – it takes a lot of power and energy for take-off. In the business sense, the same is true…


There are a lot of costs associated with getting a business off the ground. There’s more to the cost factor than just buying new equipment, software, web-hosting, etc. Internal costs add up as well!

For example, taking the time and energy to find someone to help you run the business is an internal cost. Time and energy are precious commodities – only so much time and energy are available.

Adding the internal and external costs proves a business launch to be very costly… (By the way… if you want to learn more about launching a business check out my book: Business Launch Pad)

If you don’t have a computer, for example, you must spend time, energy, and money to acquire one that fits your needs. Equipment purchases, hiring needs, etc. change depending on business needs. Both external and internal costs are associated with acquiring all of these things!

The Initial Point

The external and internal costs make it very difficult to launch a business successfully. Many people don’t succeed because they can’t get past this initial point.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight, diet, quit smoking, etc. knows that a lot of energy and resources are needed to be successful – and getting started is the hardest part. However, once you get past the initial point and fall into a routine, things become much easier.

These external and internal costs never go away and the process may never be “easy”, but things do get easier and better if you can make it past the initial launch.

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