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9 Things That Will Make Your YouTube Channel Awesome! #BSI 30

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We are going to take a look at nine great tips that will make your YouTube channel awesome. It will take it to the next level.

Before we get started, if you’re looking to take your YouTube channel to that next level, specifically making it more professional, it’s about looking at the nuances. The few minor details that most people don’t pay attention to, but that’s what makes a channel stand out.

9 Things That Will Make Your YouTube Channel Awesome!

  1. Channel Hero Art
  2. Channel Trailer
  3. Website Links
  4. Organized Homepage
  5. Theme to thumbs
  6. About the Channel
  7. Great Playlist
  8. Video Description
  9. End Screens

Making More Things In a Simplified Manner

Having more YouTube videos aren’t the best thing or having more of everything isn’t the best thing. It had the right amount of items filled in and filled out. And look at it from a hamburger standpoint. If you’re having a hamburger, well you’re not going to have bread meat bread right? You can have bread, tomato, pickles, lettuce, or you’ll have something else like mushrooms on top of it. Then you’ll combine it. Then you have a bigger, juicier hamburger.

Now, if you’re going to a very fancy restaurant, they may serve you a professional-grade hamburger with a lobster on top. That could end up costing you a little more, but it’s those finite fine, delicate details that take it to that next level.

What makes that hamburger awesome or amazing? Are those fine little details that make it something special. That is what we are going to do. I’m going to share with you some of these neat little tips here. But it’s all about looking at the little details that you could tweak to evolve and expand your channel.

1. Channel Hero Art

The first idea is to look at your channel hero art. What I mean by this, is if we look at my other YouTube channel here. I’m going to use this one as an excellent example for you.

The channel hero art is this top part right here so if you look at this.


Channel hero art means a live picture banner. Set up something that catches the eye if you don’t have anything nice, Also gives more information about your channel like what it is and what it does. I encourage you to go ahead and do that. I also have an arrow here pointing to my website which it can also go to an opt-in page. But that’s another part of that channel hero art.

That’s kind of the first thing that you want to take a look at making sure your theme is well designed. You could say a brand that has a good message of what you’re telling.

2. Channel Trailer

I have a channel trailer that’s one of my favorite videos, and it is the one that people are looking to get started.

Titled “what is a stock and how you make money in the stock market.” It is where most people are getting started with this type of channel.

My channel trailer gives them good value and information right from the get-go for you. It could be an introduction to hey, what’s your channel all about. You need to put something in there that’s more useful and meaningful to your audience.

3. Website Links


Let’s take a look at the next thing, and that would be website links. So this goes back into this top part that we’ve talked about, and this will be right here.

We have this website link right there. I have this one key that points with the arrow and what this does is it points people to my opt-in page.

So if they go ahead and click this button, you can see it’s opt-in.

These points them to the homepage where there is a purposeful location in place. The idea and concept are leading them to a useful site that continues to add value to them

4. Organized Homepage


An organized homepage is as you scroll through the YouTube channel you can see a well established one. Here’s an example here:

In before you start trading under we have people get started some trading and fundamentals. Some technical analysis and charts about trading stocks.

There are some other episodes and blogs that I have money and risk management organized. It’s the theme as well, which we’ll talk about here in a little bit. But that’s something you want to have when you go ahead and organize your page.

How are people getting started and moving to the next step? You want to have these in an organized manner. Before they even get into trading and investing than they want some trading basics. You are giving them a step-by-step process.

5. Theme to thumbs

Let’s talked about the Theme to the thumbnails. It can change from time to time. So don’t think you have to get one and stick with it for life so you can see another example:

If you go to my video section here:


You can see I have because we do specific podcasts here, which is hungry for returns. Then we do then let’s talk stocks. So they look a little different, but still, there’s kind of a theme in general, and you’ll see that in the past.

I’ve had other themes so you can see here we’ve had different Themes. So you can see how I change that beam. You can see I did a few blogs or video blogs to test things out. That was a different type of thumbnail. I play around with some different themes. You know a matter of personal preference of what you’re looking to do with your thumbnails. But those will continue to evolve, so have an underlying theme, but then proceed to grow and adjust with time.

6. About the Channel


If we go to kind of the home page here that I have, we go to the About section you can see, I wrote a little bit of something in there.


It doesn’t have to be too crazy. It is something simple in case somebody’s going to read hey what is this.  Like hey picking out a hamburger, what is this all about, Is it going to be good for me, are there any allergies that I’m going to have. Well, some people stumble upon this. These are what makes things more professionals when you get into the detail you know. It can be two paragraphs, and it is better than nothing. You put something straightforward.

7. Great Playlist


If we take a look here in the playlist section, go to the playlist area you can see I have a couple of playlists. We have a let’s talk stocks episodes. We have options strategies, Video blog’s wisdom, trading, stocks, money, and risk management.

You know this is nice because if somebody goes into this. Well, viewers can go ahead play all and then get a full list of episodes.

Another thing you want to pay attention to when you do playlists is to take a look at as you scroll down. You have this description right there. So this should be on your playlist manager, edit those descriptions be sure it shows up on your home page.

8. Video Description


When you look at my videos, they have a YouTube description. I usually keep kind of similar narrative on most videos. They’re very similar; It can be one or two paragraphs.

What can you add to your description?
What information is he/she sharing?
You can add something like register for the free class
Getting started resources
Some other affiliate links
Share the video subscribe to the YouTube channel
Some other cool stuff that you should check out, that’s related to the medium.

It’s pretty much the same as you look through these YouTube videos. It’s it’s kind of the same formula that I have for all these descriptions. But having a summary makes this very handy. So that’s another thing that could ramp up and drive that professionalism. It makes the channel stand out a bit.

When you have these descriptions people will have a quick idea. Like hey, what is he doing, what is he talking about and there might be some quick notes there as well.

9. End Screens


Try to make use of all the tools that you have available. So if you take a look at my end screen here, I went ahead and did a little design.


As we get here to the end you can see, you can go ahead and roll over this you have this button. You have a subscribe button so it kind of goes and works together with the video.


Of course, you could go ahead and create your own and screen does something a little different that’s up to you. It’s use something like this.


Are you going to do these things or not?

If you go ahead and decide, hey Well do I need to do all these things or not. The more things that you have in play. The higher the chance of success you have. There are one or two percent chances that people click on the subscribe button. And, other people may click links in the description. The more things that you have, the higher your potential of actually hitting those people are. So it doesn’t hurt to have them. I do find that some people don’t click on the end screens as much as they click on the description. Well, it depends on your channel. How engaged your audience is? I will say the explanation is more important than these end screens. From what I’ve seen and found, but you can go ahead and do your due diligence.

Find out and see, calculate that depending on your YouTube videos that you make. I hope this is helpful and insightful to you. If you enjoyed this article and you want to see other great training videos and articles like this. Check out the sign up to my newsletter and be a part of my cool business club. Thank you so much. Important to remember that do what you love to contribute to other people, and live life.