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7 Types of eBooks You Can Write & Launch Fast! #BSI 31

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I want to hone in and focus on the writers, eBooks creator or people who love reading and are interested in creating other ebooks.

If you want to create your ebook, it takes a lot of work to get the process done or get it written. Some ebooks are much more difficult and complicated to develop than others. So I want to share with you seven ebooks or regular paperback books that you can go ahead and write very quickly.

So if you’re just new to writing or creating books then start with a simple kind of ebook to write. It is a lot better than trying to make a very complicated book and series right away. It’s kind of like hey! Let me go ahead and build my car from scratch rather than just learning how to change a tire or change your oil.

I want to share with you those seven types of books that you can write reasonably quickly easy. It is also usually depending on how much time you put in it. You could get it done in a day, a week or even less than a month rather than spending months or years creating your book.


Alright so let’s get started and let me share with you these types of ebooks or regular books that you could write reasonably quickly and easily.

1. Guide Book

The typical one is a guide book. It is a how-to book. It could be 18 rules-to, but it’s a guide. An example of this is:

  • A guide to training your dog how to not pee in the house.
  • 18 rules to raise your children healthy and smart

Again, the guide book or ebook is very simple, quick to write because if you create let us say eight rules then you can have kind of eight chapters, and you finish your book.

2. Tips Book

Another one that is very quick to write.

  • Forty-five tips to saving money on your credit card
  • Forty-five tips to making sure your children grow up healthy

It is very quick because you can create kind of a page or two per item and you just created a very well written book. It could be an 85-page book.

 3. List Book

List book is some kind in connection to ways. An example of this is:

  • 23 ways save money
  • 25 ways film your YouTube videos
  • Thirty ways to save money on your car.

4. Daily Rituals Book

It is a daily habit or routine type of book. It is also really quite easy because these are all number based rates.

If you have a number 18 rules, 45 tips, 223 ways you can also have daily rituals. Let us say Monday to Friday it could be 365 days of kind of the Tao book. Or it could be Monday morning, how to jump-start your day. It could be morning routines for Mondays, or you could do, how to have awesome Fridays and party hard.

As you observed this is more kind of daily related activities because again you’re putting in these numbers and these are very helpful and will be your basis on how to create a very well written ebook.

5. One Big Idea

Seth Godin does this. One big idea books are short something like a book about quitting the purple cow. These kinds of books are easy and quick to write about, especially if you have the content knowledge about know-how information. It focuses on one big central idea. Let’s say you have a blog post that you created and could be turned into a book, get deep into it, create stories and have more substance to it.

6. Q&A

If you have a question and an answer like a FAQ, you can do the same like on lists and tips books or books guide books, but it’s basically in a QA format.

When there is a common question that people would ask then go ahead and answer those questions then create a book out of it. If you have like 15 questions, these questions could be a 15 chapter book.

7. Other experts

You can turn this kind of more into an interview process. Let us say you interview people and the information or the content they provided you can convert that into a book.

An Audio interview maybe turns into a book. The only thing is you need to have the interviewee permission and so on.

When you’re dealing with other experts, go ahead and create the book. You can also summarize some of the interviews that you’ve done let’s say the things that you’ve learned from other experts. Grab that content and extract it from the conversations that you’ve done or the interactions then you’ve got yourself an e-book.

What makes these seven types ebooks or book quickly to write?

Those are quick to write because they’re number based especially to Guide book to the daily ritual book. The one big idea focuses mainly more on supplemented, digging deeper into the concept. And the QA book numbers as well and the other experts as you’re using other people’s knowledge, information, experience, and expertise to get your e-book done.


I’ve written pretty much most of these except for the other experts one I believe and the QA book because I typically write more on like a tips book, guide book, maybe a list book and things like that.

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