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Top 6 Fiverr Gigs if You are Just Starting an Online Business or Blog #BSI 46

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Today we’re going to take a look at Fiverr. We will cover the top six type of Fiverr gigs that you should take a look at when you’re first starting your business.

Those types of gigs are also great if you’re getting into an online niche or if you’re an entrepreneur looking to get started online.

What we can do with Fiverr?

Fiverr is a service that people provide for you for starting at $5. Now it starts to become a little bit more $10, $20, $50 and the price continues to go up.

Frequently things are cheaper on Fiverr. But the downside is the quality sometimes suffers. Sometimes you don’t always get the original files. And you can’t communicate outside of Fiverr – they don’t like that.

It’s always tricky to build a relationship. Those are a few caveats, but if you’re trying to start a business and you’re trying to save some money, it could be an excellent place to start initially.

That’s the case, especially if you make the right connections. If you want to check out some of the Fiverr gigs, you want to link up to Fiverr, check the description below and that way you get linked up right away.

I’ll give you my take on the best Fiverr gigs that you should check out.

Fiverr Gig #1 – Logo Design

One of the first things is probably a logo design. If you’re getting started you go to logo design. I know what I want. I want a flat logo.

Yes, I need to be able to edit my logo, and we’ll need to scale some things up. Go ahead and do a big search. The problem with this is there’s a ton of gigs on Fiverr.

If you start scrolling down through this, you can notice all these gigs and competitions. It’s challenging to narrow down who you should go with. And usually these are individuals, and sometimes they have a huge queue – meaning you have to wait a while.

Look at this – 167 logos in the queue.

For a primary logo $10 – that’s a pretty good deal. But if you want the original files, you’re paying about $105. He’s only going to get probably about $85 or so. But at least you get the original file.

That way, you can make changes and tweaks in the future if you need them. Comparing it to an average logo price typically standard logo price is around $250 to $500. Maybe even $1000 if you’re looking for mascots. Or depending on the service that you’re getting.

It’s a little bit different. I did a logo design for 15 years. I did probably over 700 different logos, and it had a web development industry and company and sold that. Now again, we do things with some other companies.

By the way, check out some of our other websites in the description of the video where my team and I will handle some of your stuff.

If you’re looking for a jump start, this is not a wrong place. It gives you some decent logos and gets you on the board. That’s one type of gig that you may want to check out. But make sure if you’re getting a logo, get the original files.

That way if you need any changes in the future, you have those files – need to scale things up.

Fiverr Gig #2 – Full Website Creation

The other thing you might want to check out is full website creation. Usually, I wouldn’t recommend this on Fiverr, but if you go to higher paid gigs, it may work out for you.

With designers and developers, I like to have one-on-one conversation phone calls. If Fiverr doesn’t allow you to do that at this level where you’re paying for higher end tiers, I won’t get it.

But if you’re trying to save a few bucks and if you’re trying to get something up quick (a couple of hundred dollars) – it might work for you.

That way, it could be another approach to getting something up quick. And then later eventually redesigning it. Proof of concept first then after your confirmation of concept works, you can rework it.

Fiverr Gig #3 – Articles & Blog Posts

If you have a website that has a blog, articles, or content, you’ll probably need a blog writer or at least a proofreader.

There’s a lot of different people that will do that for you. So you could have one of these gigs that you might need as well to getting your business started online.

Fiverr Gig #4 – Video Editing

If you’re doing any videos and if you need any video editing and effects check out some of the video editing gigs.

When you go into here, and you find someone you like they might be able to edit some of your videos pretty quickly. And with a quick turnaround.

You might want to make sure you get a certain type of quality. Make sure you get a full resolution – 1920 by 1080 is the key.

Sometimes people try to upsell you when you do the contacting. You want to be careful.

Some people only send you the 720p version – which only takes a few more seconds to do the 1080p to render it out. In that case, they try to upsell you for 1920 by 1080. You will have to pay more.

It’s all based on price. You need to be careful and pay attention to the deal you’re making with them.

Fiverr Gig #5 – Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is probably another thing you might want to check. Rather than you doing all this work yourself, you can find a virtual assistant to help you with this.

There’re things like:

  • editing documents
  • tweaking some things
  • adding files 
  • moving things around
  • administrative things 
  • page creation 
  • handling, transferring of files 

You can use some help from a virtual assistant and save some time.

Fiverr Gig #6 – Social Media Design

You can find social media manager designer or at least someone to create some header things for you. That way that’s all done and good to go.

It’s time-consuming and if you can afford that it might be useful for your business growth.

Final thoughts

Those are my things to look for. 

I would say you might need:

  • logo design 
  • get a website 
  • a proofreader or article writer 
  • a video creator or editor 
  • a virtual assistant 
  • a social media manager or designer

That’s the process in the order I would do it in. If I had only one, I would probably get a virtual assistant that could do a multitude of tasks.

Those are the top gigs that I would recommend if you’re starting Fiverr.

That way I do get credit if you sign up through the link and buy some gigs. And they don’t charge you anything extra for it.

It’s that we get a win-win relationship for promoting Fiverr.

The upside for the Fiverr side is cheaper gigs, cheaper to get started for you if you’re trying to buy some gigs and evolve a business.

The downside, of course, you have to understand what you’re buying. Sometimes you have to be prepared to lose what you’re getting because the quality is not always there.


Make sure you do your due diligence and research, especially if you don’t know what you’re trying to buy. Start small and understand how the process goes.

And then you’ll figure it out a little bit at a time as you place more orders with the gigs. Don’t go crazy with it.