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3 Ways to Figure Out Your Customers’ Frustrations

You may want to figure out your customers’ frustrations. If you know your customers’ problems, you can easily create a product/service to fulfill the issue.

For example, if you don’t like cleaning dishes in evening, then you can invent a dishwasher (Josephine Cochrane solved this problem for you).

Same goes for you. If you know and understand your customers’ frustrations and can solve them, they’d be willing to exchange their money for your product or service.

Ask Them

Go up to people at the grocery store and ask, “Why are you looking so big? What have you done to solve this problem?” Just kidding! That’s probably not the best idea.

You can ask questions, and create a dialogue which creates a connection. This connection allows you to be closer to people’s minds and hearts.

Do it cautiously and softly, however, rather than directly – especially around sensitive subjects.
(Aweber and Constant Contact are fantastic tools for connecting with your customers through email)

Ask Them Indirectly or About Their Friends

If you’re asking about their friends or a friend that has an issue (ex: weight loss), the focus is shifted. Most people think of their own problems when talking with you, so they may answer personally even though the question is about their friend.

If you asked them, “What do your friends do to lose weight?” or “What have your friends tried in the past to make more money,” people will dig deeper and answer the question personally as well.

Observe Them

If you really want to get into people’s minds to see their frustrations, observing them is probably the best way. However, following someone around for 10 hours a day isn’t feasible, and you can’t see what’s going on inside their household without permission – and that’s creepy!

Pick a public place and observe habits if it works for your business. This allows you to get insight through observation which is a better route to see things for what they really are.

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