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3 Primary Ways to Make Money Online

I’m sharing 3 primary ways to make money online because people get too lost and confused with online business monetization. If I simplify it and lay down the foundation, I think you’ll get more out of it and realize everything stems from these 3 core concepts…

Sell your Own Product

You can create or make something (DVD, book, etc.) and sell your own product.

Sell Someone Else’s Products

For example, sell digital cameras that are someone else’s product (Canon, Samsung, Sony).

Paid Sponsorships

You can get paid sponsorships for doing podcasts or mentioning products on YouTube, banner ads, etc.

3 Core Concepts

Everything else spans from these 3 core concepts. You can sell your own products, sell someone else’s products, or utilize paid sponsorships. That’s the whole point behind the internet. This is where the monetization comes from. If you understand that, everything else stems from these levels.

Don’t make it more complicated than it is. As you start getting into affiliate sales, pay-per-click, cost per thousand, and another lingo – simplify things.

Create your own product and sell that. You can sell other people’s products and get paid per sale, per lead, per filled out form. Or you get paid for sponsorships for every thousand views or clicks or for mentioning someone’s product on your YouTube channel, article, or video.

When you choose to monetize internet business, there are many avenues you can choose. Remember that everything stems from this core foundation. Dig deeper and diversify your income so if any avenues get in trouble, you have other revenue streams to fall back on.

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