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3 Absolute Musts to Sell Anything In Your Business…

There are 3 absolute musts that you have to have in order to sell anything in your business…


Have an Offer

You have to have an offer. Without an offer, you have nothing you can sell to anybody. You need to have some kind of offer such as a purchase or service offer to give to the customer.

Without an offer, they don’t know what they can purchase from you.


Sales Message

A sales message tells the customers what they’re going to have for what they’re going to give. They will give up something such as their financial state, their time, etc. in order to receive something.

That sales message is the way you’re delivering information to customers whether it’s by video, article, an online presence, etc.

You could be selling something that requires them to do something (non-monetary) like clicking the ‘Like’ button to receive a free video. That can be considered a sales video because you’re not selling in terms of currency but in terms of a good/service.


Delivery System

You need to have a delivery process or system. Without it, the customer could pay for something and never get it which is bad for your business…

Go ahead and have a delivery process and system in place. If you have an online business, you may want to complete delivery via email or send an email to tell them what to do next to receive the PDF, buy the book, download the video, etc.

If you don’t have a digital good, and you’re shipping something or doing a service, you need to tell the customers how they will receive product/service. Will you ship it to them or personally deliver it? What’s your delivery process?

Without an offer, people won’t know what they can purchase. Without a sale’s message, you have no way to convey what they’re purchasing. If you don’t deliver upon the offer, people are purchasing a product/service and you can’t follow up.

Those are 3 critical things you must have to sell anything in your business.

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