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#1 Thing You Can Do For Search Engines to Rank Higher: SEO for Beginners Tutorial

Hey, this is Sasha and welcome back. Today I want to share with you the number one thing that you can do for search engines to help them out. This is about what you can do as a business owner to help get yourself ranked higher, but more importantly how do you help the search engines so that you get ranked higher?

In order to answer this question, you have to really understand how is it that search engines work and what is it that they like. Looking at a search engine, I’m looking to search for a custom logo design. Here is a logo design company that I’m looking for.

How Search Engines Work

What is it that companies are looking for or what is it that these search engines are looking for?
They’re looking for content. If I go ahead and open up some of these links you can see that are looking for things that appeal for the user, what they’re searching for.

You can see here, here’s some basic content, here’s some basic content again, custom logo design, here’s some content; you know there’s content that they can scan, it makes things easy for them.

Then you’re designing or creating content for the search engines, it’s all about putting up more content. If you simply only have one piece of content or one piece of information for your company or for your website, you know you only have one page, then that’s the only page that they can scan.

But if you have pages upon pages of content it’s going to help you out get ranked higher, because you can see that as I start looking at, let’s just say how to design a custom logo (99 Designs is a great website for this) and I start getting more specific into the tail of things, you can see what they’re picking up in fact is actually free logo design, you can see there’s a page right there; it’s not just Vista Print right there it’s actually the extension of that with the content that’s in there.

And you can see also the same thing happens right here, it’s the pages that are within it and as you start digging deeper you can see like here’s the Wix a page right from Wix that focuses on right there, logo design. And if I go ahead and click this you can see this is actually a blog post, it’s not anything about selling a service, it’s actually a blog post. You can see right here it talks about a logo design, so it caters to that.

If I go to page three it gives you some more insight on what these search engines are really looking for. Again, right here even though this is a Fiverr link, you can see it points you right here when you click it. It goes right into the logo design section because that’s what I’m searching for.

And if I go further, let’s just say to page ten, it allows you to see how things are done and what they’re looking for. Even though the other sites are ranked higher, they are ranked higher because they’re more popular. They have more backlinks to them because people know those sites.

But you can see here this is a page they’re looking for, they’re looking for content of information. Even though this site right here is not as popular as Fiverr, it’s a custom logo design house, so they create custom logos and that’s a page that has content.

The same thing here, when I click this page or I open up other pages, you can see they have content specific for that and even though I’m on page nine the concept and principles are the same.

Taking a Look at How My Website Utilizes SEO

What is it that I do when you look at my website? Well, if you take a look at my website which is Tradersfly is one of the websites and then, of course, I have Backstage income, but I’ll show you what I’ve been doing in the past and just to give you some insight.

If I go to all my blog posts and we start scrolling a little bit behind, because typically I’m about a couple weeks behind from the transcriptions that I produce. If you start looking at some of the longer-term content pieces that I have, let’s just say page seven for the time being, here’s our episode #103 and if I go to episode #103, you are able to see the content that I make is video based content.

But as you take this video content and you take the elements out of it which is the audio, which is the visuals, which is the text and you convert it, you can see here I have… look at how long this post is, look at the detail that this post has and you can see that the amount of information in this post is remarkable and this is what search engines love, they love the content that’s embedded; because I have a podcast related section here I also have the post right here, the video, I have the transcription that goes with it right there, everything just works out really well for the search engines, they love this stuff, they chew it up because they’re all about content.

What is it that you can ultimately do? What is the number one thing that you can do for search engines? Well, that is to create content that is easy to scan, content that they can relate to and point people to that’s related to what they’re searching for because, in the end, they’re looking to help someone find what it is they’re looking for.

And if this is what they’re looking for, if they’re looking how to set up a stock trading plan for when they’re first getting started, this might be a content piece that they’re looking for. So if I go ahead and do a search for “Your trading plan when you start” might not be the best approach, but let’s just do a quick little search. You can see the YouTube video shows up right there and my Tradersfly website right here shows up about number four or five.

I don’t have the number one listing because YouTube of course, is a more popular website, so the YouTube search result is going to come up first. Then you have some other websites that might be a little more popular, you have Investopedia which is very popular and then you have my website right there that pops up a little bit right after that.

It is a pretty good ranking and you can see how that really works out. They are scanning that page to see how it is related to what it is the user is searching for.

If there’s any one thing that you could do for the search engines how is it that you make things easier for them, that is to create a lot of detailed content, deep content that is also beneficial and useful for your audience.

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