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About Sasha

Hi, I’m Sasha Evdakov, and I focus on educating and helping people develop their businesses and build wealth. I love to study a variety of topics such as business, marketing, finance, and stock trading but more importantly I love to push people like you… I love to push people past their comfort zone, to make you think differently, and to get you to do things that are difficult and counter-intuitive because that’s what it takes to succeed. I also speak at colleges and various events, coach privately, write books, and create video courses.

Everything I do is focused on contributing back to education and helping people learn more about developing their business and lives. That’s my goal.

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Current projects and future goals

My goal with my business & educational projects is to build a large resource of educational content that people can use to better their life in the subjects that I am passionate about.

This includes subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing, personal finance, and trading stocks.

When people are able to use the knowledge and training material that I present to better their life and use it in the future – I feel as if a piece of me lives on forever. It is a great feeling. Some of the things I am currently working on or potentially thinking about creating includes:

  • A few more educational training courses in the stock market
  • How to books and courses for authors
  • Online business & marketing training
  • Business Podcast

Personal hobbies

Everyone has personal hobbies that they enjoy – often times more than one. For me, it seemed as if many of my hobbies like web development, graphic design, marketing, photography, and education eventually turned into businesses. You could say that business pulled me in.

Besides the obvious some of the things that I enjoy doing in terms of hobbies include tennis, martial arts, west coast swing dancing, stretching, running, reading, and studying.

I played tennis for years and attending many summer camps until college. Unfortunately now I play much less. As far as martial arts goes – I started around age 9 and trained for over 15+ years in Okinawan Shuri-Ryu. There was a period of time where I did full contact kickboxing for a few years, but to preserve my body I decided to stop. After college, a Dojo was given to me by one of my instructors – it was either that someone took it over or it was set to close. Eventually we got to a point where we didn’t take on any new students. I merely wanted to give my time to the students that we had and wanted to learn. We did this until the Dojo closed.

Dancing is a great thing for the soul and did manage to do some West Coast Swing Dancing. It is a very social dance and I meet a great group of people every time I go dancing. It is something that really helps get away from work and clear the mind.

My business things

I struggled for years getting things aligned and being congruent. I worked for years on building a website business, but struggled for years. With many failures one after the other, I continued to study experts, read  hundreds of books, attended many seminars, and watched hundreds of hours of video courses. I finally was able to put the pieces together for myself.

I created a few successful businesses which I was able to turn around and sell for quite a bit of money.

Now I run quite a few website businesses successfully, sell products, books, video courses and trade on the stock market.

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