Are you doing things for recognition or is there a higher plan in mind?

February 22nd, 2012

There are basically two mindset for success that most people are after. The first would be the social recognition. The second would be the financial success. The question to ask yourself is, what do you want to succeed in most? Do you want to be popular or do you want have enough money that you don’t have to think about your purchases? Usually most people say both. But striving for those things may or may not always work as there is a higher purpose (which I will get to later).

The more important question is do you REALLY want both?  Also if you could have one, which one would it be? Or maybe looking at it subjectively, if you did achieve both, then which one FIRST?

Being popular and gaining exposure

Popularity is just that – being known and recognized, but it does not make your life any easier. You do gain recognition, exposure, and praises which often times do boost your ego. In the end all this is irrelevant if you are not enjoying your life and the popularity is not making your life easier – only making it harder. When you’re only making a handful of dollars a week, but you are extremely popular, questions start to run into your mind. “Am I really successful?” or “how do I make money from my popularity?.”

Being popular doesn’t necessarily make your life any easier. In fact, it makes it that much harder because you have to keep up with your image. Keeping up with image when you are not financially successful is a tough thing to do. Many people they’ll still seek the social aspect of popularity because it is up there in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right after being safe and loved.

For those of you that don’t know, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs starts at the base with food, water, sleep. This is the psychological stage. Safety and security is the next stage such as security of your health, resources, morality and so on. Each stage is dominated by the stage before it. For example, if you don’t have food or water you will care very little about  security of your family and health and very little about your confidence which is the Esteem stage (when all you can think about is water).

I think often times what tends to happen in the business world with the social aspect is that people tend to do things that are beneficial for their popularity. Everything that they do is surrounded and focused on getting that recognition and nothing is done to enhance your future. Doing things for recognition is good thing IF you have a MARKETING PLAN behind it. All too often, I see many people get stuck on this stage and never truly achieve anything beyond that.

For example, if your a photographer and only have been doing photos for 1 year but you still are not charging client because you want to build up experience, I would think something is wrong with you. How long do you really want to build experience for? Whats your number of sessions? Or its possible you take free pictures of “hot shots” in the community to get something on your client list so your name can get around? If you start over-doing your freebies – you will build a reputation as the “freebie person” and thats worse. Start charging if you have a good base of experience. Of course you won’t be able to cater to the luxury clients until you gain more experience, but if you are struggling financially, have some experience, there is no reason why you can’t starting charging people for your time.

We seek social status that we tend to get wrapped up in, but remember that there is a higher goal and a higher purpose. Aim for that goal and purpose, and then you will be more popular in return.

Focusing on financial success

There’s a second side to success, and that is the financial success. Financial success is a great goal to strive for when you’re focused on your business, but it should not be everything you focus on.

When you’re wrapped up focusing just on finances or making money, you will be blinded by it leading to greed and that’s not a good place to be.

I think when you shoot for financial success. You should be aiming for a higher goal then social acceptance because you are already accepting your self-esteem and confidence level where they are at. You are willing to take chances, risks, and do things that are not as natural to other people. When you achieve that financial success after doing these things, you tend to gain recognition in the social aspect of self-esteem even more. This is why I think shooting for a higher purpose is more important than trying to achieve greater popularity.

Higher-Purpose Goal (Good-Will)

This is the most ideal goal you should be focused on. Most people focus on the two above such as gaining recognition, gaining financial benefits, and so on. The list goes on.

Your primary focus should be to deliver either a good product that BENEFITS people, a fantastic message, to help people in a certain way that allows them to achieve something that they were not able to without you! That is what makes you valuable, that is what will make you successful, and that is what will bring you financial success.

Take TOMS (shoes) look at their whole business model. It is centered around helping others, in return this was actually their marketing tactic. With millions of shoes made and sold they achieved popularity, financial success, and more importantly delivered good-will to others.

Let’s take a Google or Apple or even Microsoft at their early years. Their primary goal was NOT to make money. I guarantee it. Their goal was to create a good finished product that HELPED certain users do something such as find things quicker or access things better with a better user experience.


No matter what you’re trying to achieve, most all of us will follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs because its in our nature. Just remember to shoot for a higher purpose in your life and in your business. Don’t get wrapped up in money or the spotlight because both of those are irrelevant.

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Author: Sasha Evdakov

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