March 22nd, 2017

Make a Custom YouTube Thumbnail in Photoshop CC

Hey this is Sasha and in this week’s video what I want to share with you is how to make this exact Youtube thumbnail. If you don’t know how to make a Youtube thumbnail I want to share with you how to make this Youtube thumbnail using Photoshop. It’s not too difficult it’s just putting together a few little elements and if you have a subscription to Photoshop on the web there. It’s just a handful of dollars per month for the creative cloud version. And it will really increase your potential to working within your business and creating a lot of design elements and just a great tool to have all around specially if you’re working online.

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March 8th, 2017

#1 Trick to Editing YouTube Videos FAST in Premiere Pro CC

Hey, this is Sasha and today I want to share with you how to edit your youtube videos incredibly quickly or speed up the process with this one little quick tip. And I find usually this helps out especially when you’re running through a lot of footages especially if you are creating video courses, online courses. If you need to do the editing yourself or just quickly run through things, one of the ways to do that is to speed up the viewing process and just getting familiar with your shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts.

Here, I want to run through a few little quick footages and just show you how I normally do this as far as editing the footage much much faster than I typically would or normally could if I did it at regular speed.

We have a basic timeline in premiere pro and normally as I zoom into this timeline and then as I look into it, you’ll already see some of the picks for the audio and when you see those picks of the audio obviously those will be trim points. Now some of the things are often rephrased the second time, the third time or potentially because if you even look at the footage I had to do some variations or changes in the software which then I’m able to cut or trim out.

You can see here in this video where I”m going from this one scene and then I have to change it right here and adjusted in my software and then I’ll go back and then make other changes and edits again. So that was a little bit of a lifetime.

Of course, I could have stopped the recording right there and then again started it back up or paused it. But typically I don’t like to do that, I like to have one large file to make sure that my process is streamlined. When I have one file that’s that one video and everything is in that one or two files depending on how many sources I’m recording from.

Speed up the process

To speed up this process, normally when you’re looking through footage and as you hit shift right here, now you’re playing the footage. I already know nothing important is going to come here so I hit C on my keyboard and that will allow me to bring up a cut tool. I’ll do some cuts already really quickly right there, and that will just allow me to hit the V tool which goes back to the arrow and delete some those areas.

Once I start talking, hue this green screen effect, and half right there you’ll see and you’ll hear that it’s just a normal edit in audio. So that right there is me watching my own footage at regular speed. One of the great things about premiere that I like is if you go ahead and hit shift + L you can speed up the process and noticed how much quicker.

Notice how much quicker that flows and runs. Of course, you put speed it up or slow it down so I’m basically going to be using control, I’m going to hit the space bar to be able to play the video and I hit shift + L a couple of times to speed it up. It’s incremental so I can hit it five or six times right there or two or three times. And then to speed it back down I’m going to hit Shift + J.

You can see there towards the end what I did was actually do a slow mo of the footage rather than speeding things up. And that’s using Shift + L, so I just hold shift down push L a few times. While I’ll hold shift down and push the J key to slow it back down depending on how fast.

As I go to this footage, you’d be able to see how much quicker I’m able to edit things. It just allows me to really take a step back so as I can play it.

There I push shift + L a few times, so again it allows me to speed up that process. You could be some cutting and this is especially helpful if you want to really just double check.

You can see basically what I’m doing there is I’m just going through the editing process and compressing it by speeding up the footage. And obviously, if you have 8-hour or 10-hour course, 20-hour course and you’re watching things two times speed that compresses it to watching it ten hours, but then you have to do the editing work behind it.

Hopefully, that makes sense as to what I’m doing is speeding up the process and compressing that ton that I’m spending watching that footage and just have to redo the trim and the cut in the appropriate place.

That’s ultimately how I really speed up the process, now for me I’m using multiple monitors, in fact all these things that you’re seeing on screen right now is on one screen but typically I will put the program sequence or the review profile right there where I can watch the video on another screen I’ll put the timeline across multiple screens. I’ll put the effects on another part that also I can speeds up a little work flow.

But in general ultimately using that speed up and slow down motion really helps accelerate edit the footage a lot faster. Because you have to double check your footage two times, three times faster than you normally would if you’re just playing it out regular speed. And of course, as you know what you’re filming you know exactly where the trends, where the cuts and where you need to edit that footage.

I hope this was helpful and if it was then if you want to see more training videos like this one, go ahead and continue watching some of them by clicking the thumbnail right above. But if you want to sign up for my newsletter you can see some of my other business training courses that I have along with some other training material for business development online, then sign up to my newsletter list, just right click on the button right here.

In the end remember, do what you love, contribute to other people but most importantly live life abundantly. I’ll see you next time.

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Panasonic GH4 Camera
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Countryman B3 LAV Mic
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Heil PR-10 Microphone
Scarlett Solo Audio Interface (2nd Gen)

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5x7ft Collapsible Greenscreen
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